You are cleared for landing…

Bee Heaven

Did you know that during the summer months a single bee is only alive for around 40 days?  During that time they are constantly in motion and eventually their wing muscles give out due to pure exhaustion.  It must be because they’re so excited to keep doing this kinda stuff.

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Smashing nerds is super-fun

Homerun in Berzek Land

Deliriously fun.  If you have something you need to do you probably shouldn’t play ‘Homerun in Berzerk Land’’s a wonderful way to waste time, though.

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Looks like a sweet place for a swim.

IWTGTT: Mountain Lake

I want to go to there.

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The wonderfully weird Cyriak

Cyriak's Animation Mix - Watch the top videos of the week here

He should start making hi-definition animations.

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Le Royaume

A king enlists the help of a beaver to build a forest castle.  Also, Bruce Willis is dead the whole time.  Whoops, spoiler alert!

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Flying Lotus: Kill Your Co-Workers

Take a blippy, wire-framey, polygonal, beautiful (and slightly horrifying) stroll through pattern and grid world in this animation by Beeple.  Music by Flying Lotus.

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