Flabby Physics

Flabby Physics

Quick, simple and fun.  All you need is a working spacebar.

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Jump for your life!


I would have titled this one “Run for your life”, but in all reality the jump key is the only one you need in this flash game by Adam Atomic and Danny B. See how far you can get by jumping over gaps and objects. If you play on Kongregate and want to rack up points then play it here. Remember, timing is key.

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Runs with dinosaurs


DINO-RUN is simple, fun game from the 8-bit-alicious folks at pixeljam where you try to outrun extinction.  Best of luck!


Little Wheel Keeps on Turning

Little Wheel

Posting this in case some of you haven’t had a chance to play this wonderful little flash game created by the crew over at OneClickDog.com In Little Wheel, you play as a lone robot trying to restore power to its industrial world after being blacked out for 10,000 years. It’s your basic point-and-click flash game, but it sports great graphics, a fitting jazz soundtrack, and is overall pretty darn fun. If you have about 15 minutes to spare you can beat this in one go. Enjoy!

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The Crossing

The Crossing

An excellent game by the super-talented Ferry Halim. Peaceful. Relaxing. Fun.

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Smashing nerds is super-fun

Homerun in Berzek Land

Deliriously fun.  If you have something you need to do you probably shouldn’t play ‘Homerun in Berzerk Land’...it’s a wonderful way to waste time, though.

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