Igor Siwanowicz is a biologist and a photographer, and he blends those fields together beautifully in his up-close photos of bugs, insects, and other animals.You can see a random collection of his photos here. Vivid, diverse, and often wonderfully trippy, his photos show bugs in ways you may never have thought possible.

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I find your lack of faith disturbing…

I find your lack of faith disturbing...

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Check this one out…

Check this one out...

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Snacks, plz

Snacks, plz!

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Looks like I found my campsite


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Cursor Cat

Cursor Cat

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The Beauty of Yuta Onoda

Japan-born Yuta Onoda lives and works in Toronto, Canada as an independent illustrator, painter, and all around fantastic artist. His style blends Japanese folk-lore and fantasy with modern elements, with a strong emphasis on nature themes. Check out the rest of his work featured in the wonderful Behance Network.

[ Yuta Onoda Illustrations 1 ]

Swimming with sperm whales

Eric Echeng swims with sperm whales in Dominica

Eric Echeng gets up close and personal with sperm whales.  See more incredible shots in this Flickr slideshow.  To read about why people call Eric the whale whisperer check out this article on

“Once I’m in the water I try to reach them acoustically by making this noise in the water, and it’s the same noise all the time so they know it’s me,” he says. “So I’m talking to them all the time in the water, and they start coming.”

[ Sperm whales in Dominica ]

Irinia Vinnik is talented

Irina Vinnik: Abstract

I love this abstract drawing by Irina Vinnik. To see more from her sketchbook (including some excellent letter forms)  click here.

[ Irina Vinnik's Sketchbook ]

Morning dew

[ Jens Kolk Naturdokument Marienkaefer Makro ]