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Trippy Beans

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Maxwell feeds a squirrel

'Maxwell and the squirrel'

[ Maxwell feeds a squirrel. ]

Edward Horsford’s Balloons

'Patch Explored' by Edward Horsford
'Patch Explored' by Edward Horsford'In The Air' by Edward Horsford'Liquid' by Edward Horsford'This is no joke, Mr. Yoke' by Edward Horsford'Tomatoey' by Edward Horsford'Collapsed Explored' by Edward Horsford

Edward Horsford filled up some water balloons and then snapped pictures at the precise moment he popped them.  My favorites are the ones where you can still see bits of the crinkling balloon’s skin. There’s a bunch more in his Flickr stream.

[ Edward Horsford's Flickr Stream via Gizmodo ]

The Faces of Sydney, Austrailia

'Faces of The Rocks and Millers Point' from the series 'Faces of Sydney'
'Faces of The Rocks and Millers Point' from the series 'Faces of Sydney''Faces of Surry Hills' from the series 'Faces of Sydney''Faces of Haymarket' from the series 'Faces of Sydney''Faces of Redfern' from the series 'Faces of Sydney'

The photographs of one hundred and sixty thousand residents of Sydney, Australia were combined together to create images that show what the ‘average’ facial appearance is of a particular neighborhood in the city. Read more at the project’s official website.

[ Face of Sydney via Gizmodo > io9 ]

See you later, bubble

A bubble popping.

What incredible timing!

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A moment of creation

by Phil McDarby

[ Phil McDarby on CGSociety ]

Therese Larsson’s Illustrations

Fearless Warrior by Therese Larsson
Fearless Warrior by Therese LarssonBolt Thief by Therese Larsson'I have it covered!' by Therese LarssonLittle Monster by Therese LarssonLion by Therese Larsson'You!' by Therese Larsson

Therese has a playful, innocent quality to her work that I love.  See more of her work on her CargoCollective page.

[ Illustration by Therese Larsson via CoolVibe ]

The illustrative work of Tuomas Korpi

Heart of the Forest by Tuomas Korpi
Heart of the Forest by Tuomas KorpiOnion Village by Tuomas KorpiSkifia by Tuomas KorpiToy Shop by Tuomas KorpiBeach Bar by Tuomas KorpiLento Harveli by Tuomas Korpi

Check out these wonderful images created by the Finnish illustrator, Tuomas Korpi. See more at his website.

[ The Illustrations of Tuomas Korpi via CoolVibe ]



I know this sparrow is probably just swooping down for a drink but I like to imagine it’s yelling with pure delight as it skims the water, ecstatic that it has the ability to fly.

[ Sparrow Drink via StumbleUpon ]

I bet it smells amazing under there.

Lilac Bench

That bench looks like a perfect place to read, reflect and think. Needless to say: I want to go to there.

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