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Steel Life

The master thesis graduation film of Mathieu Gérard.  The music in Steel Life was composed orchestrated and conducted by Mathieu Alvado.  Man, these French folks sure know how to make short films. Read more about Steel Life here.

[ Steel Life via Geeks Are Sexy ]

The Bug

Do video game characters have their own will?


Tag Attack Episode 8

This video makes no sense, which is absolutely fine with me cause it’s gorgeous and strange.  However, it is the eighth entry in the Animation Tag Attack series in which, “each participant gets 4 weeks to produce between 5 and xx seconds of film. When the time is up, the clip gets uploaded to the blog and the next one in line takes over. It is up to each individual creator to pick the style and media they want to work in - and to decide how they think the story should evolve.”

See episodes one thru nine here.

[ Animation Tag Attack Episode 8 ]

Meet Gluko & Lennon

This reminds me of ‘Adventure Time’ in all the best ways.  Enjoy.

[ Gluko & Lennon ENG ]

Prague Astronomical Clock 600th Anniversary

A gorgeous, trippy video projection created for the 600 year anniversary of the Old Town Square astrological tower clock in center of Prague.  The intricate mapping was done by macula.  A must watch.

[ Prague Astronomical Clock – 600th Anniversary Show ]

An abstract space opera

Check out this “mesmerizing choregraphy evoking atoms, DNA, seeds, spirals, fractals” by Regis Hervagault. Great stuff.

[ Spheres by Regis Hervagault ]

Trace it on it’s side and it’s a symbol meaning infinity

Watch the above video and then watch this abomination.  It’s irrefutable proof that my generation’s educational entertainment is quantifiably better then most of the schlock put out there today.

Thanks again, Kiki.

[ SchoolHouse Rock - Figure Eight ]


Woob Woob Woob


[ woobwoob.gif ]

Turns out watercolor paintings look even better when they’re in motion.

This video was directed/hand-painted by Irina Dakeva of WIZZ.  It’s comprised of around 2000 watercolor paintings drafted one after another.  Hey music-industry! Keeping hiring her to make stuff like this, please!  The music by Breakbot is pretty rad, too.

[ Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) - HD via BuzzFeed > The Culturist ]

When life gives you lemons…

A creative solution to an energy shortage…if only it was this easy for us oil/gas guzzlers.

[ Playing with light - Mon ami le robot via StumbleUpon ]

The wonderfully weird Cyriak

Cyriak's Animation Mix - Watch the top videos of the week here

He should start making hi-definition animations.

[ Cyriak's Animation Mix ]

Le Royaume

A king enlists the help of a beaver to build a forest castle.  Also, Bruce Willis is dead the whole time.  Whoops, spoiler alert!

[ Le Royaume via StumbleUpon ]

Flying Lotus: Kill Your Co-Workers

Take a blippy, wire-framey, polygonal, beautiful (and slightly horrifying) stroll through pattern and grid world in this animation by Beeple.  Music by Flying Lotus.

[ Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers via StumbleUpon ]