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The Art of Eric Fortune

'I Want To Believe' by Eric Fortune
'I Want To Believe' by Eric Fortune'A Muse Among Stars' by Eric Fortune'Divided By Time' by Eric Fortune'Life's Objective' by Eric Fortune'Lost' by Eric Fortune'The Red Magician' by Eric Fortune

Eric Fortune’s illustrations/paintings are nuanced, delicate, quiet and drenched in emotional weight. It’s rare to find work that is both surreal and so natural to relate to. See more on his website.

[ The Art of Eric Fortune ]

The Paintings of Dave MacDowell

'When Yoko Ate Ringo' by Dave MacDowell
'When Yoko Ate Ringo' by Dave MacDowell'Nobody Beats The Biz' by Dave MacDowell'Ring of the King' by Dave MacDowell'The Deer Hunter' by Dave MacDowell'Hendrix in Wonderland' by Dave MacDowell'Bad Mutha Wizard' by Dave MacDowell

I had mentioned Dave just moments ago and realized his vast body of trip-tastic work deserved it’s own entry.  The six I pulled here are my personal favorites…you can see loads more on his website.

Rest in peace, John. :(

[ Dave MacDowell Studio ]

What You See Might Not Be Real

'What You See Might Not Be Real' by Chen Wenling
'What You See Might Not Be Real' by Chen Wenling'God of Materialism' by Chen Wenling'The Suspense' by Chen Wenling'Valiant Struggle' by Chen WenlingUnknown Sculpture in Vienna by Chen Wenling'The Suspense II' by Chen Wenling

Chen Wenling is a contemporary Chinese sculptor currently based in Beijing.  The sculpture above – entitled ‘What You See Might Not Be Real’ – was created in response to the global financial crisis. The bull represents Wall Street, while the devil pinned to the wall portrays Bernard Madoff, operator of the largest ponzi scheme in history.

I love not only the imagery and subject matter Chen tackles but also the scale on which he creates it. In this case, bigger is definitely better.

[ Chen Wenling ]

Non-Sign 2

'Non-Sign II' by Lead Pencil Studio
'Non-Sign II' by Lead Pencil Studio'Non-Sign II' by Lead Pencil Studio'Non-Sign II' by Lead Pencil Studio'Non-Sign II' by Lead Pencil Studio

”‘Non-sign II’ is an installation by Seattle based art collective lead pencil studio located at the Canada-US border near Vancouver. The sculpture is made from small stainless steel rods that are assembled together to create the negative space of a billboard. Read more at designboom.

[ Lead Pencil Studio via designboom ]

One Hundred and Eight

“One Hundred and Eight is an interactive wall-mounted Installation mainly made out of ordinary garbage bags. Controlled by a microcontroller each of them is selectively inflated and deflated in turn by two cooling fans.”

I’d love to see this installation – created by German artist/designer Nils Völker – scaled up so it covered the entire side of a building.

Read more about One Hundred and Eight on Nils’ website.

[ One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation ]

Raerae’s Kids

Don’t know much about Raewyn Haughton, except that I want him to keep on producing his weird and impressive artwork. Here’s some of the best ones gathered from his website . Enjoy.

[ raewynhaughton via StumbleUpon ]

Art with light (and patience)

“Nowhere Near Here is a stop motion animation that uses a combination of light with stencils and long exposure photography to tell the story of a dog running around the city at night, doing whatever a dog does.”

A whole lot of time, but completely worth it. Animation by Pahnl

[ Nowhere Near Here via Buzzfeed ]

Broken Fingaz

Tant and Unga – of the Broken Fingaz crew over in Israel – get down and do their thing.  Music by Boreta and edIT.

[ Broken Fingaz -Graffiti Stop Motion ]

The Art of Pat Perry

'Vinton (Detail)' by Pat Perry
'Vinton (Detail)' by Pat Perry'Yo Man Hey Dude' by Pat Perry'Vinton' by Pat Perry'Out of Here' by Pat Perry'What We Were Part 2' by Pat Perry'Disturbance Kid' by Pat Perry

Pat Perry is my kind of illustrator/artist. His work is playful, trippy, strange and colorful with a generous dose of bizarre for good measure.  See more work on his website or blog.  If you’re interested in watching him work or are a fan of watching artist time-lapses you’ll definitely need to check this out, too.

[ Pat Perry ]

Press +

Benjamin Ducroz‘s work combines a variety of media – in this case 3D modeling, paper, inkjet printed frames, watercolor paints, water and ink – into geometric, abstract and beautiful animations. Yes, please.

[ PRESS + ]

The Art of Jason Levesque

by Jason Leveseque (
by Jason Leveseque ( Jason Leveseque ( Jason Leveseque ('Jelly Vomit' by Jason Leveseque ( Jason Leveseque ( Jason Leveseque (

Jason Levesque (a.k.a. ‘stuntkid’) is a fantastic illustrator with a trippy aesthetic I adore.  See more on either his website or deviantArt page.

[ Stuntkid ]


It’s almost as if being french makes you preternaturally qualified to make wonderful, animated short films. Am I right?  This particular gem has it all: fantastic visuals, original art direction and an engaging, surprising storyline.

Gary comes to us courtesy of Clément Soulmagnon, Yann Benedi, Sébastien Eballard and Quentin Chaillet of Supinfocom.  Moar, plox!

[ Gary ]

Thanks, World’s Coolest Dad

“I built this for my youngest son and it runs around his bedroom.  I love building fun things like this for my kids and seeing their excitement as everything comes together.”

These kids are super-lucky that they have a dad committed to building stuff that blows their little minds.  He was even cool enough to document the entire design/construction process in case you wanted to build one yourself.

[ Perimeter Marble Run RBS via Gizmodo ]

Fluid Dress

Equal parts innovative fashion, bright colors, excellent music (provided by Ratatat...yeah, those guys) and tight, creative editing – this video by Casual Profanity is an absolute treat to behold.

[ Fluid Dress ]

Vectorfunk with Matt W. Moore

'Sacred Vectorfunk' by Matt W. Moore
'Sacred Vectorfunk' by Matt W. Moore'Crystals and Lasers' by Matt W. Moore'Bicycle' by Matt W. Moore'Sacred Vectorfunk 2' by Matt W. Moore'Three Posters' by Matt W. Moore'Cosmos' by Matt W. Moore

I love the energy Matt creates by combining hard-lined geometry, vibrant colors and intricate patterns.  Click through to his website to see loads more. Oh, and if you’re in the market for some wallpaper you might want to check this out, too.

[ : : : MWM Graphics : : : ]


Check out 2:12, makin’ it look easy.  Well done, sir. Well done.

[ Geisha ]

Trip out with Matei Apostolescu

'The Gift of Finance' by Matei Apostolescu
'The Gift of Finance' by Matei Apostolescu'Golem 13' by Matei Apostolescu'Interdimensional Currency' by Matei Apostolescu'Spring Landing' by Matei Apostolescu'Test Pilot' by Matei Apostolescu'The Pump' by Matei Apostolescu

Matei Apostolescu (a.k.a. 013A) is a psychedelic illustrator from Bucharest, Romania.  It’s easy to get wonderfully lost in the complex, whimsical, geometric and colorful images he creates.

Matei is also part of the art collective beaucoupzero. If you’re diggin’ his work as much as I am head over to beaucoupzero’s deviantArt page for tons of hi-res images. (I recommend starting in the ‘Psychadelic’ gallery.) Enjoy!

[ MATEI APOSTOLESCU - 013A via Abduzeedo ]

Underwater Art

Step one: Create life-like sculptures of human beings. Step two: submerge those sculptures in ocean water. Step three: watch nature do it’s work.

All in a day’s work for Jason de Caires Taylor

[ Drowning Beautiful ]


The crew over at Berkley Illustration deserve some props for the wonderful and absurd artwork they feature in their Etsy shop. This handsome fellow above is accompanied by this quote:

“After cataract surgery ten years ago, this cheetah realized that an eye patch can be a real conversation starter with the ladies. His eye has long since healed but his social calendar remains quite full”

Love the quirkiness or these guys, and if I had to pick a favorite it would be this one. Check out their shop or read up on their blog for more info.

[ Cheetah Print via Stumbleupon ]

The Creative Works of Cory Godbey

'Flight 6 (Walters)' by Cory Godbey
'Flight 6 (Walters)' by Cory Godbey'Daga and the Trolls' by Cory Godbey'The Firebird' by Cory Godbey'Untitled' by Cory Godbey'The Nine Peahens' by Cory Godbey'The Troll' by Cory Godbey

Cory is an illustrator, animator and writer for Portland Studios.  See more of his work at his website.

[ Cory Godbey ]