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The Birdman of Lisbon, Portugal

Homeboy can jam...and impersonate birds.  I’d love to meet Claudio, I bet he’s a fount of wisdom.

[ BIRDMAN IN LISBON, PORTUGAL - Claudio Montuori ]

The Paintings of Jeremy Geddes

'The Red Cosmonaut' by Jeremy Geddes
'The Red Cosmonaut' by Jeremy Geddes'The Café' by Jeremy Geddes'The White Cosmonaut' by Jeremy Geddes'Doomed #3' by Jeremy Geddes'A Tribute to the Protestant Work Ethic' by Jeremy Geddes'Heat Death' by Jeremy Geddes

To me, the unifying quality of Jeremy Geddes’ work (besides his excellent draftsmanship and tight control over oils) is that each image he creates is so quiet.  His paintings exude a stillness that is vaguely unsettling (nearly frightening, really) but strangely peaceful as well.

Frou-frou art BS aside, they are an absolute treat to look at.  If you’d like to see more, check out Jeremy’s website.

I’ll be unable to post much this weekend so if you’ve got some stuff that you think would be great for The Tripatorium™ don’t hesitate to send it over so I can do a big update once I’m back to my usual routine of habitually staring at LCD screens.

[ The Art of Jeremy Geddes ]

A moment of creation

by Phil McDarby

[ Phil McDarby on CGSociety ]

Therese Larsson’s Illustrations

Fearless Warrior by Therese Larsson
Fearless Warrior by Therese LarssonBolt Thief by Therese Larsson'I have it covered!' by Therese LarssonLittle Monster by Therese LarssonLion by Therese Larsson'You!' by Therese Larsson

Therese has a playful, innocent quality to her work that I love.  See more of her work on her CargoCollective page.

[ Illustration by Therese Larsson via CoolVibe ]

The illustrative work of Tuomas Korpi

Heart of the Forest by Tuomas Korpi
Heart of the Forest by Tuomas KorpiOnion Village by Tuomas KorpiSkifia by Tuomas KorpiToy Shop by Tuomas KorpiBeach Bar by Tuomas KorpiLento Harveli by Tuomas Korpi

Check out these wonderful images created by the Finnish illustrator, Tuomas Korpi. See more at his website.

[ The Illustrations of Tuomas Korpi via CoolVibe ]

Animated Escher


I’m not crazy about the music selection on this one but the repeating patterned animation is top-notch. Well done, TheBrute.

[ Birds_forever_searching by TheBrute ]

The Beauty of Yuta Onoda

Japan-born Yuta Onoda lives and works in Toronto, Canada as an independent illustrator, painter, and all around fantastic artist. His style blends Japanese folk-lore and fantasy with modern elements, with a strong emphasis on nature themes. Check out the rest of his work featured in the wonderful Behance Network.

[ Yuta Onoda Illustrations 1 ]

Irinia Vinnik is talented

Irina Vinnik: Abstract

I love this abstract drawing by Irina Vinnik. To see more from her sketchbook (including some excellent letter forms)  click here.

[ Irina Vinnik's Sketchbook ]