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“What you will see is an entirely fictional and completely unendorsed representation. [Though we humbly suggest Hunter S Thompson might have liked it.] We are devoted fans paying homage. No disrespect is intended.”

We usually don’t post ads but, then again, most ads aren’t as Gonzo-fantastic as this. It was conceived by String Theory and expertly-executed at Buck for Good Books, a unique service with a great mission: “Every time anyone buys a book through the Good Books website, 100% of the retail profit from every sale goes to support communities in need through Oxfam projects. As a result, charitable donation is built into an everyday activity at no extra cost. No one at Good Books is paid and we have zero operating costs. All time, professional services and resources are donated.” The visuals are top-notch and the narration is spot-on…enjoy!

A big thanks is due to Dan Allen for sending this our way! Cheers!

[ Good Books - Metamorphosis ]

Tuba Scuba

Orion Tait, Kurt Koch and Thomas Schmid – all employees of the super-talented crew over at Buck – put this together for the Psst Pass It On series.  It’s silly, strange, bizarre and fun which, coincidentally, is just how I like it.

[ Tuba Scuba ]