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Peace On The Rise

“We can sit around this fire and let our spirits ride on out; watch it as a flame gets higher. I can see it in your eyes, whispers on the rise.”

Hey, guess what? I have some fantastic news!. Chad VanGaalen just posted another music video for a tune he released on Sub Pop and it’s exactly what you’d expect: chill, psychedelic and über-trippy. Enjoy!

Patrick Smith, we are forever in your debt for passing it along...cheers!

[ Chad VanGallen - Peace On The Rise ]

Metal Spiderwebs

Some hand-drawn animated psychedelia courtesy of Chad VanGaalen (remember that rad video he put together for J. Mascis?) for his futuristic organic alter-ego Black Mold. Good stuff, folks!

A big thanks to J. Sherm for the heads-up!

[ Black Mold: Metal Spiderwebs ]

Not Enough

“Can we be loved? Can we be three? Can we be all these things you said to me?”

J. Mascis  – of Dinosaur Jr. fame – enlisted the help of one of his Sub Pop friends, Chad Van Gaalen, to supply the artwork (all hand drawn!) and direct this music video for his tune, ‘Not Enough’. It exudes good vibes so grab those headphones and soak in the psychedelic sunshine. Enjoy!

[ J Mascis - Not Enough (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ]