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CRCR – with help from the talented crew at WIZZ – turn out yet-another winner, this time for French turntablist collective C2C. ENJOY!

For more CRCR-created goodness just follow this hyperlink.

[ C2C - Delta (official Video) ]

Cartoon Network Summer Ident 2013

“Cartoon Network recently put together a crew of animators from around the world to create their new summer ident in the form of an animated exquisite corpse. Each team/animator was given 10 seconds of music, 4 colours and tons of Cartoon Network characters to work with. At the end of the project, in true exquisite corpse fashion, each piece was stiched together. This is the result!”

Absolutely loving this Voltron of rad animation Cartoon Network commissioned for their Summer 2013 ident. The talent (in order of appearance): Alex Grigg & Eamonn O’Neill (of Late Night Work Club fame), Impactist (who also provided the soundtrack to the attached), CRCR, Rubber House and Awesome Incorporated.


[ Cartoon Network Summer Ident 2013 ]


CRCR brings the weird once again with some dark, bizarre hand-drawn visuals in this music video for Lorn‘s latest release on Ninja Tune. Serving suggestion: full-screen, lights-down, volume up.

The other CRCR-created shorts we’ve posted so-far – Jesus2000 and Todor & Petru – definitely warrant your attention or, if you’d rather keep the awesome music video train rolling, check out our Ninja Tune feed; everything there is well-worth your time. Enjoy!

[ Lorn - 'Ghosst(s)' ]


In honor of ‘good’ Friday I thought I’d post this 100% historically accurate animated short on the life of our Lord and savior, Jesus of Nazareth. JESUS2000 was produced in 2009 at WIZZ with concept & art-direction by CRCR (the minds behind TODOR & PETRU), sound design by Philippe Valette with electro jamz composed by R-Ash. Enjoy!

[ JESUS2000 ]

Todor & Petru

Five students from French school of animation (and awesome), Gobelins – Remi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, NIcolas Pegon and Jérémy Pires – created this stop-motion/2D animated trip-fest of a music video during their internship at WIZZ (you know, that super-rad production house that makes stuff like this).  It’s deliciously strange and surprisingly bizarre which, coincidentally, is just how I likes ‘em. Oh, and the backing tune is ‘Judgement Day’ by UK grime hip-hop outfit, The Thunderclaps. Enjoy!