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“A set of strange creatures whose instincts instead of focusing on survival seem doomed them to an absurd and comic extinction, in the presence of the astonished gaze of the narrator.”

File under: LOLWAT

I had been (im)patiently waiting for El Señor Studio to finally post this, their peculiar ‘nature’ documentary spoof, after first seeing its trailer back in the summer of 2011. Prepare yourself for an unexpected, bizarre treat…ENJOY!

P.S. If you enjoyed the attached, definitely give this a watch next.

[ Doomed: a biological cartoon! ]

Adventures of a Glass Blower

I don’t think it’s presumptuous to conclude that, if you’re a fan of this site, you probably also appreciate good glass. I don’t know if you’d classify this as trippy in fact, I wouldn’t call it that at all – nevertheless I think it still has a home on the site. It’s a great watch; especially if you’ve got a piece of glassware nearby that you’re particularly fond of.

By the way, the craftsman you’re watching is an Aussie named Llewelyn Ash. Follow this hyperlink to see more of his work. Benjamin Dowie of Beanpole Productions is responsible for putting this film together and chose Featherstone by The Paper Kites as it’s soundtrack.

It’s a fantastic look into a talented individual’s unique, creative process. Enjoy.

[ Llewelyn Ash {Adventures of a Glass Blower} ]

The Vogelkop Bowerbird

“The bower is a cone-shaped hut-like structure some 100 cm high and 160 cm in diameter, with an entrance usually propped up by two column-like sticks. A front “lawn” of some square meters area is cleaned of debris and laid out with moss. On this, and in the entrance of the bower, decorations such as colourful flowers or fruit, shining beetle elytra, dead leaves and other conspicuous objects are collected and artistically arranged. Males go to great lengths to ensure that their displays are in prime condition, replacing old items as needed, as well as trying to outdo their neighbours by finding more spectacular decorations, and arranging them appropriately…more on wikipedia

Nature can, at times, be terrible and unforgiving but it is also the source of such intriguing, complex and beautiful mysteries like the Vogelkop bowerbird. As I was watching the attached video, lulled into peaceful contentedness by the reassuring narration of Sir David Attenborough, I kept thinking to myself, “how, little bird, did you come to be?”

This particular clip is from the BBC produced series ‘Life’ which I highly recommend watching in it’s entirety. See/watch/learn more about the Vogelkop bowerbird on the BBC’s Nature website and on wikipedia.

[ Life - The Vogelkop Bowerbird: Nature's Great Seducer - BBC One ]

The PraePredatorPrae

“On the planet Zig 5 a life span can last mere minutes, there are vicious predators everywhere, and no one stops to smell the roses because the flowers have legs and run away. This is a strange place located on the edge of known space. The Intergalactic Wildlife Service sends Naturenauts there to document the world in all it’s unruly glory and many are sacrificed in their quest for knowledge and rare vid footage.”

From the wonderfully-weird Fifteen Pound Pink Productions. Enjoy!

[ The PraePredatorPrae ]

The Fungus Among Us

Thought you folks would enjoy some gorgeous HD goodness from Planet Earth about jungle fungus. The main star of the show is the uber-spooky cordyceps which seems as if it was invented for an episode of X-Files. Other than that it’s Sir David Attenborough doing his thing alongside beautifully captured time-lapse footage. You can’t go wrong, really.

[ Cordyceps Fungi - BBC Planet Earth HD ]

Born To Be Wild

I saw the trailer for this before Tron: Legacy last night…it looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome.

[ Born To Be Wild - Official Trailer [HD] ]

Village of the Birds

The small village of Kuskoy, Turkey is one of the only remaining places on Earth that utilizes a whistled language as a means of communication. As you can see, the villagers prefer to whistle to one another when it comes to long distances, as it helps keep them connected to one another (and not to mention, it’s cheaper).

[ Kusköy, Turkey - the whistling village | European Journal ]


High on my bucket list is getting into falconry, a sport that involves the use of trained raptors (birds of prey) to hunt or pursue game for humans. (read more about falconry on wikipedia)

[ Falconry Rabbit Hunting ]

A Murder of Crows

I finally got around to watching this excellent episode of PBS’s Nature a couple of nights back on my DVR.  It’s all about crows and how insanely intelligent they are.  I’ve embedded the first chapter here and, if it whet’s your appetite, head on over to the PBS site to watch the entire episode.

[ PBS Nature: A Murder of Crows ]