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Space Time

Know what’s kind of a bummer? That this music video is only one minute and fifty-three seconds long. Journeys down the wormhole should be at least three to four minutes long at a minimum – like this little gem for instance. Anyways, the backing tune is from Delta Heavy and the visuals were created by, well, I have no idea actually. If you know who directed/animated the attached video please drop us a line and we’ll update the post to give proper credit where it is due.

Cheers to l3mon for the suggestion. Thanks!

[ Delta Heavy - Space Time ]


Astrophonica commissioned Emilski & Nick Duggins of UTILE to put together a video for their upcoming Fracture & Neptune retrospective LP. The abstract, hand-drawn psychedelic visuals are a fitting compliment to the cosmic, spaced-out drum ‘n bass sound of ‘Customtone’ and we’re confident you’ll dig it as much as we did. To hear more from the album head on over to Fracture & Neptune’s soundcloud account (my personal favorite is their bass-heavy remix of Stu Haxton’s ‘Miss Sunrise’). Grab those headphones and enjoy!

[ Astrophonica & UTILE present - Fracture & Neptune ft Martin Fieber - Customtone official video ]

The impatient warmachine

An apocalyptic battle between man and machine set to futuristic tech-step drum n’ bass with KRS-One providing the vocals?  Yes, please!

[ EXODUS Noisia & Mayhem ft. KRS one ]