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I was trying to find some Richie Hawtin videos in HD to share with all of you but, no dice.  When I searched for ‘Contakt’ in Vimeo, though, this little gem came up with the soundtrack being supplied by one of my all-time favorite producers, Trentemøller.  By ‘little’ I mean that it’s far too short; the credits came up just as I was getting totally sucked in.  That’s OK, though – much better to create something that leaves people wanting more, right?

You can tell by his other video on Vimeo that this Joao character is a talented guy…I just hope he’s got something a little longer planned for the future.

[ Contakt ]

Fluid Dress

Equal parts innovative fashion, bright colors, excellent music (provided by Ratatat...yeah, those guys) and tight, creative editing – this video by Casual Profanity is an absolute treat to behold.

[ Fluid Dress ]