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I’m a rather outspoken fan of both Bonobo and Cyriak so when I found out that Ninja Tune recently facilitated a collaboration between the two I was pretty fuckin’ pumped…so much so, in fact, that I didn’t watch the attached til this morning. The end of last week had been pretty busy and the last thing I wanted to do was have the initial screening take place on a small-ass screen with some tinny earbuds delivering the audio.

Cyriak’s visuals are gonna be kick-ass no matter what (Exhibit A) but this music video is especially nice because both his work and Bonobo’s sound are all about a steady layering-on. Each artist starts with small, simple and discrete atoms – a stripped-down drum part or short, simple video loop – and starts piling them on top of one another until the whole far-exceeds the sum of its parts. It’s the same ‘spirit’ that’s inherent to many other things I enjoy – electronic music, programming, nature and fractals just to name a few – so to have it distilled into one three-and-a-half minute dose is, well, thrilling. Art is just magic sometimes. Fuck yeah.

Even though I already knew about this one it was fantastic to open up the suggestion bin and find messages from Sam Lillard, Garrett and Mickey Gral ensuring I wouldn’t miss it. Thanks so much guys! Cheers!

P.S. Our Ninja Tune and Cyriak feeds are worthy of your attention. Enjoy!

[ Bonobo - 'Cirrus' (Official Video) ]

Putty Boy Strut

Been itchin’ to post this one since last Wednesday when I first saw it pop-up in Mr. Lotus’ twitter feed. He’s got a new album, Until The Quiet Comes, set to drop on October 1st and made the brilliant decision to hire Sir Cyriak to create a video to promote it’s release.

It’s a true collaboration and exactly what you’d expect when creatives of this caliber combine their unique skill sets. The tune itself fuses together two of Flying Lotus’ fortés: sterile, machine-pulsed-and-stripped-down beats and his trademark spacey, rambling, warm-and-jazzy tones. Cyriak takes that contrast and runs with it, creating a world populated with regiments of single-purpose robots that is forever changed after one of them spontaneously evolves, trading in its initial programming for a more familiar-to-us set of survival-of-the-fittest, kill-or-be-killed instincts. The video escalates in typical Cyriak fractal-fashion, progressing in complexity from the micro to the macro until everything-is-everything and then back again. Word.

It’s a treat, y’all. ENJOY!

FYI: Both our Flying Lotus and Cyriak feeds are packed with fantastic videos.

[ Flying Lotus - Putty Boy Strut (Until The Quiet Comes, new album out October 1st/2nd) ]

Welcome to Kitty City

Hey! Guess what?! cyriak has a new video! A big thanks is due to both David Chitty and Hess who wrote in to let us know. Enjoy!

[ Welcome to Kitty City ]

Hulk within a Hulk

Fractal Hulk

I came across this image while browsing around Peter Berkman’s tumblr (one of muh faves) and decided to go deeper.

[ Fractal Hulk via PEEEETER BERRRKMAN ]

Valleys of Neptune

This video has been out for a while now – over a year actually, which is basically forever in internet time – but we didn’t know about it ‘til Missy Shedlock suggested it to us back in May. We instantly loved it but refrained from posting cause, well, we couldn’t. Sure, it existed and all but never in a state that fulfilled the two core tenets of The Tripatorium™ simple, stringent posting policy:
1. Always search for an HD version of a video and, if found, post that one.
2. Any video that is posted must be watchable on the site.

The video Melissa sent in was in gorgeous 1080p HD but, because it was posted by VEVO (curses!), it had embedding disabled. Which is so inexplicably strange to me. They understand that I want to advertise their content for free, right? That I want to spread the word about the recently-released Jimi Hendrix album comprised of completely new material without expectation of payment of any kind? And they wonder why their precious ‘industry’ continues to hemorrhage money. It should also be noted that we found it on Vimeo but it was in standard-def (bummer).

Anyways, the video is so fucking great that I got fed up with waiting for someone else to rip and upload it that I did it myself with the handy-dandy Easy YouTube Video Downloader. I’m confident Jimi would be pleased with the bang-up, psychedelic, kaleidoscopic and colorful treatment String Theory employed to pull it all together. I also like to think Mr. Hendrix would be a fan of our humble little website if he were still around today so do yourself a favor and wait to watch this one until you’ve got enough time set aside to let the 1080p load full-screen and access to a nice sound system/pair of headphones that will enable you to give your maximum attention to the sonic stylings of a true master. Enjoy!

Thanks for sending this one in, Missy! Our sincerest apologies for not getting it up on the site sooner.

[ Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune ]

Quite Entrancing

Psst, watch this in HD plz!

I don’t often have the patience for slow-moving videos like this one, but once you make it past the 2-minute mark you’ll see why I posted it. It’s hard to figure out just who this “unc” character is, considering his Vimeo page  offers no info and a web search yielded even less. I guess for now, we are left with only his amazing videos to speak for him, and that’s more than enough for me. While this one is slow and meditative, others are frantic or even messy, but they are all in their own way incredibly enjoyable to watch.

[ quite - zeo-x-s ]

Fata Morgana 0.9

Don Whitaker, the mind behind Squircle Zoom, just completed another fractal video backed with a tune by Eskmo, one of the many fine artists from Ninja Tune. Serving suggestion: full screen + headphones. Enjoy!

[ Fata Morgana 0.9 ]

True Loves (Cyriak)

We featured the original music video for ‘True Loves’ by Hooray For Earth not too long ago so we were pleasantly surprised when Mark wrote in to inform us that Cyriak recently completed a video for the Cereal Spiller’s remix of the same tune. Shit’s dope folks, what else would you expect from Sir Cyriak himself? If you’ve got an HDTV to watch this on I heartily recommend you dig out whatever cable/dongle you need to get your computer hooked up to it cause this video is perfect for viewing on a comfy couch in a darkened room with the sound cranked. Enjoy!

Cheers, Mark! Thanks for the heads up!

[ Hooray For Earth "True Loves" (Cereal Spiller Remix) ]

No Brain

I came across this little gem last night when I was browsing around the Vimeo Staff pics (one of the mountain-born tributaries that regularly flow down into rivière de La Tripatorium™) and knew it had to be posted soon as possible. Soon after, I checked the submissions and found out that one of our readers, Dan Allen, had send it in that very same day. KISMET!

On the Mueller scale of trippiness – as I’m sure you recall from your third grade earth-science lessons – ‘No Brain’ rates at a respectable 9.2835/10 which puts it in league with such favorites as The Music Scene, Combination Spawns and The Parachute Ending. In other words: shit is dope.

You know the drill: volume up, lights dimmed, headphones on and full-screen. Oh! Right! The credits! Direction by Fleur & Manu, production DIVISION Paris and post production by MATHEMATIC. Enjoy!

Related: If you dug this then you’ll definitely enjoy Rogier van der Zwaag’s video for Grindin’ by Nobody Beats The Drum.

[ Etienne de Crecy - No Brain ]

Squircle Zoom

Don Whitaker wrote in to suggest a video for the site he made entitled ‘Surfing the 4th Dimension’. It’s some pretty high-concept stuff built with a complex ‘slit scan’ technique which is then modified with a custom Processing script and backed with some spacey tunes interspersed with some old dude talking about LSD to boot. It was such an intriguing idea I decided to look through some of his other videos and found this – attracted by the word ‘Squircle’ no doubt (try saying it out loud “squirrr-cull”) – and decided to post it instead of his suggestion. Was this uncouth? Is this not done? I’m just a fan of fractals, OK? Anyways, speaking of fractals, he just made this test video a scant three days ago so I want to encourage this kind of behavior. More please, Don. Oh, and we’ll be friends forever if you make a fractal video set to this tune. #mildpitchforever

[ Squircle Zoom ]

The Formula

subBlue (of Surface Detail fame) created this fractal-based music video for The Formula, a deep-tech outfit currently signed to London-based Ho Hum Records. The visuals are, as you’d expect, quite nice; they compliment the brooding, ethereal (and sometimes dark) synths rather well and the spike/glow accentuation on the 2-4 clap/snaps wins it valuable bonus points. All in all, it’s a delicious bizarre journey (especially when things start to evolve about halfway through). Enjoy!

[ The Formula ]

A Journey Through Fantasy

This ‘journey through a rotated negative Mandelbox’ by Madman is a smooth and chilled-out ride through some nicely rendered fractals and buoyed by the mellow strains of Funkadelic. Short but sweet – this one’s a keeper. Enjoy!

[ A Journey Through Fantasy - Vorticity via StumbleUpon ]

Combination spawns

Cheers for this, Howard Quin – we at The Tripatorium™ fully support what you’re doing. Personal request: MOAR (and in HD too, please). Thanks!

[ Combination spawns ]

Surface Detail

Tom Beddard, a.k.a. subBlue, brings the fractal goodness and for this, we are thankful. He’s currently, “working on a WebGL 3D fractal renderer that will let you explore structures like this in real time.”  Sweet.

[ Surface detail ]


Be thankful, internet, for the bounty you are about to receive. If you dig these types of videos as much as I do ricardo montalban – no not that Ricardo Montalban – has moar where that came from.

[ Musicians With Guns - Astroblast ]

‘something’ by Cyriak

Cyriak describes this, his latest video as, “a journey into horribleness, not recommended for the faint-hearted or fragile-minded.”

This might make you bug out – on the other hand, maybe it won’t.  Only one way to find out, eh?

[ something via Neatorama ]

Fractal Flamingos

©2010 Bobby Haas

“Photographer Bobby Haas had been taking hundreds of pictures of the birds from a helicopter in Yucatan, Mexico. But just as the helicopter turned to leave, Mr Haas looked over his shoulder one last time. It was then that he noticed the flamingos had formed an incredible shape.”

Read more about this fantastic photograph here.

[ Bird's eye view: Nature's way of imitating art as flamingos create remarkable image ]

Hand Fingers

Some fractal trippy goodness courtesy of Cyriak. Enjoy.

[ Hand Fingers ]

The grand halls of The Tripatorium

If The Tripatorium™ had a physical headquarters this is what I like to imagine it would be like.

[ Mandelbox Zoom via StumbleUpon ]

An abstract space opera

Check out this “mesmerizing choregraphy evoking atoms, DNA, seeds, spirals, fractals” by Regis Hervagault. Great stuff.

[ Spheres by Regis Hervagault ]