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“The seemingly random elements tell the tale of a day in the life of three different characters who live in Seoul - all of whom are watched over by the ever present Mountains which ring the city.”

This one reminds me a bunch of Thursday. The attached and the aforementioned both sport hard-edged, bright, geometric and graphic visuals with some tight, complimentary sound design. Gorgeous stuff.

P.S. Go watch Thursday next.



Lovin’ the style and execution of this Ned Wenlock directed and Rodney Selby animated music video for Danger Beach.

[ Apache ]

Lion in a Coma

We’re absolutely loving Ori Toor‘s final illustration project from the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design. He describes it as a ‘stream of consciousness animation’ that was pieced together frame-by-frame in flash sans any script or prior planning. It’s just marvelous, fluid and über-trippy. Full screen and headphones are a must folks. Tunes by Animal Collective.

A big thanks goes to Aaron Smith for another great submission. Cheers!

[ Animal Collective - "Lion in a Coma" ]


French animator and music composer, Renaud Hallée, has crafted a gem.  And get this: he did it entirely in flash using only basic keyframe animation – without scripting of any kind.  It goes to show you don’t need to get all fancy to create something wonderful – let that be a lesson to all you budding filmmakers out there.

Speaking of which, are you a filmmaker/artist/illustrator who creates stuff that would fit in nicely with the rest of the trippy, brain-bending stuff we post on The Tripatorium™?  If so, don’t hesitate to send us your work...we’d love to see what you’re up to.

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Vanishing Point

Takuya Hosogane did a stellar job animating cubesato‘s Le Petite Prince.  Every blip, beat, note, tone and vocal sample in the track is appropriately acknowledged in the visuals which is just hows I likes ‘em.  Cheers, Mr. Hosogane!

[ Vanishing Point ]