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“I know it sucks that daddy’s dumb
But try to think of what you want;
You got to open up your,
open up your, open up your throat.”

Animal Collective tunes have a frenetic, driving, psychedelic energy to them that, more often than not, obscures all but a few snippets of the lyrics. I get the impression that there’s lots they’re trying to say at once and things get a bit jumbled in the delivery. This isn’t a bad thing though, sometimes a little bit of manic adds to the proceedings.

That being said, those four lines I shared at the top of the post cut right through the noise and deliver all the meaning you need. Sure, you could read the full lyrics to get the entire meat of the narrative, but the above verse summarizes it perfectly. For better or worse us humans have evolved to be perpetually dissatisfied with the culture that we’re born into. We want to change it, alter it, rework what we say and how we say it. But changing takes courage and mustering the courage to find your voice is some hard, torturous shit. The (currently) second highest rated comment on this video’s YouTube page is from ChrisKo692 who said, ‘they should show this shit on Nick JR’


Jack Kubizne (with help from Chris Beegle) directed the visuals with Skaught Newcomb and Joseph Pollack contributing the excellent alien/creature animations. Lots of other talented folks were involved in pulling this music video together so hit up the info box here to get a full credit listing.

A big thanks goes to Sam Lillard, one of our most prolific contributors, who sent this in for our perusal. Cheers, Sam!

One more thing: if you’re a fan of Animal Collective definitely don’t miss the excellent video Ori Toor did for Lion in a Coma. It’s pretty rad.

[ Animal Collective - Brothersport ]