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Hulk within a Hulk

Fractal Hulk

I came across this image while browsing around Peter Berkman’s tumblr (one of muh faves) and decided to go deeper.

[ Fractal Hulk via PEEEETER BERRRKMAN ]

Polarity Song

“Life can be so overrated but you are so entertaining’.
I won’t be manipulated just so I can get on through to your green grass under skies.
There’s no one like you; there’s no time like now…
Embrace the polarity of life and all the good and bad we share.
Engage the mystery of why we are the love in life we live.”

Do you guys remember Synesthesia? It was a super weird/rad little music video we posted back in February filled with food, cats and LOLWAT directed by Terri Timely. If you haven’t seen it yet, go on ahead...we’ll wait patiently until everyone’s ready.

This – Terri’s latest – is a collaboration with knit/crochet/craft/‘soft sculpture’ super-hero, Sarah Applebaum and, like Synesthesia, is suitably far-out. It depicts a hidden world populated by crochet-knit-mummy-wrapped bipeds within a typical thrift store/flea market who abduct dispassionate shoppers as they browse through an assortment of discarded detritus from the late-70s/80s/early-90s. The surface aesthetic could easily be categorized (and summarily dismissed as) ‘hipster kitsch’ and, though I’d concede the assessment, there’s an earnestness there – no doubt helped by the Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans’ lyrics – that squashes any cheap forays into self-indulgent irony. There’s redemption here; from within this impersonal commercial wasteland comes salvation whose identity springs not from aesthetic but from source: it’s the hand-crafted things that provide the creative energy and warmth.

Oh and it’s super-fucking strange, too; we love shit like this. The music is dope as well. Top marks to Seventeen Evergreen for creating original, compelling tunes and to Lucky Number Music for supporting this kind of art. Enjoy!

If you’re into this you might want to check out Lighthouse, too. Just sayin’.

[ Seventeen Evergreen - Polarity Song ]

I live in the woods!

Today’s dose of LOLWAT is served up by stop motion animator Max Winston who completed this project while studying at CalArts. Get ready for some bizarre whacked-out horror!

Cheers to Sam Lillard for another fantastic suggestion!

[ I Live in the Woods! ]

Love bird, hate bird

“Love bird is angry and has an axe. This HATE BIRD has to defeat the toys that are rising against him.”

File under: LOLWAT

[ Axe-Wielding Bird ATTACKS! via Peter Berkman > ceronprime ]

Going to the store

File under: LOLWAT

We have Ryan Fitzgerald to thank for sending in this David Lewandowski created weirdness. Strangely enough, David is the same guy who created the fantastic title sequence in Tron Legacy.

[ going to the store. ]

First Of The Year

File under: LOLWAT

Skrillex‘s latest is directed by Tony Truand with production assistance from HK Corp. A ‘cheers!’ is owed Ethan Curtis for the heads up on this one – thanks for writing in!

[ First Of The Year (Equinox) - Skrillex [OFFICIAL] ]


Today’s dose of LOLWAT comes directly from the bizarre mind of David OReilly.

[ ????? ]



To infinity, and beyond!

[ fukung: Astrobaby ]

Café allongé

An overactive imagination and a raging sex drive can lead to some bizarre and inventive visions. Kudos to french director Maxime Paccalet and the talented folks at Kawanimation for putting this together. Cheers!

[ Café allongé ]

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up, Brah!


[ Ace Calhoun ]

Truckers Delight

First off, this video is definitely NSFW so if you’re checking this out at your 9-5 you might wanna save it for later. That being said, this pixel-crafted wonder of a music video by Jérémie Périn for Flairs is a nostalgic revisit to the days when 16-bit electronic diversions reigned supreme.  If you’ve got an iOS device and want to take control of the lewd trucker himself then click here to get in on the fun.



File under: LOLWAT / Directed by: Terri Timely

[ Synesthesia ]

Put It Back Down

This bizarre wonderland of trippy visuals for ‘Put It Back Down’ by Seymour Bits was conceived and directed by Michiel ten Horn and Maarten J. Berkers. Lights down, sound up, trip-out. Enjoy!

[ Seymour Bits - Put It Back Down ]

My little piece of privacy

Niklas Roy, who describes himself as “an inventor of useless things”, created this robotic curtain to shield himself, “from nosey looks of pedestrians passing by.” Simple and engaging – I dig it!

Found via the infinitely excellent dvdp.

[ My little piece of privacy via dvdp > todayandtomorrow ]

Put it in the pizza!

Hungry? Got the munchies? Want to visit the ninth circle of hell? You’re in luck!


[ Gimme Pizza Slow [High Quality] ]

You wicked, wicked devil!

barak obama you wicked wicked devil!

This might be my new favorite YTMND.  Well done, jacktherack!

[ barak obama you wicked wicked devil! by jacktherack ]

Parrot is hardcore

Not trippy, but absolutely funny. Better than the original? No contest, in my opinion.

[ Parrot Sings Let the Bodies Hit the Floor via Buzzfeed ]

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

This video has been seen 2,827,715 times but not once by me yet – so I’m really in debt to Mary for passing this funny, silly little gem along to put up on the site.

Do you have something awesome to share that you think would be perfect for The Tripatorium?  Send it along!  Any and all suggestions are welcome!


Spooky Dudes

Spooky Dudes

[ fukung: Spooky Dudes ]


Muzorama is a short 3D animation film based on the universe of french illustrator Jean-Philippe Masson aka Muzo.

Very strange. Very weird. Supremely trippy. Enjoy.

[ Muzorama ]