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Venessa wrote in to suggest a video by Matthias Hoegg about ants experiencing an evolutionary leap forward via the ingestion of an unnamed elicit substance left carelessly by some partiers on holiday. It’s good! You should check it out! Anyways, I got to watching some of the other stuff by Mr. Hoegg and decided to post this video – entitled ‘Thursday’ – instead. He calls it a ‘love story’ which I guess it is but it’s told in such a unique way that, in my mind at least, it defies such simplistic and broad categorization. I’m particularly fond of the film’s visual style – the best descriptor I could come up with was ‘delicious’ – it’s packed full of simple, slick animation, loads of rich colors and at times carries a very E-Boy kind of vibe (which is very good as far as vibes go). The Dope Sheet has a great interview with Mattias about his inspiration and process so definitely head on over if you’re interested in that sort of thing. It should also be mentioned that Marian Mentrup contributed some pretty fantastic sound design to the project so do yourself a favor and grab some headphones when you get around to watching it. Enjoy!

Thanks for the heads-up, Vanessa!

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