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Whoa. This one is weird. And wonderful. And trippy. And bursting with colo– well it’s a lot of things, OK? ‘blackhole’ is definitely one of those music videos you want to watch full-screen with the headphones on and the volume up. Both the visuals and the tune were created by super-talented arjanM. Prepare for a bask in the bizarre, friends!

Big ups to IntellJ for sending this fantastic little suggestion our way! Cheers!

[ blackhole ]

Argyle The Octopus

“Argyle The Octopus lived in the sea, his skin was different than you and me…”

Today’s timeless life lesson comes courtesy of the always-excellent, Yo Gabba Gabba. It was made for kids but I think it should be mandatory viewing for adults, too. Illustrations by Colt Bowden, animation by Keri Rainock and adorable narration via Ollie Schultz (‘udder’ ftw). A big thanks goes to Lori for posting a Yo Gabba Gabba video to our Facebook wall – we watched it, loved it and then saw this in the sidebar which is what led to this very post. Ahhhhh, internet.

[ Colt Bowden - Argyle The Octopus - Yo Gabba Gabba ]

On Melancholy Hill

You can’t go wrong with Gorillaz...this video is top-notch.  If you haven’t listened to Plastic Beach yet you really need to make a point to check it out…it’s fantastic.

Sit back, relax, dim the lights and keep your eyes peeled for the Snoop Dogg cameo.

[ Gorillaz 'On Melancholy Hill' ]

Giant Octopus Cake

'Giant Octopus Cake' by

This two-hundred pound confectionery creation was expertly crafted by The Highland Bakery.

[ Giant Octopus Cake ]


A classic created by the 2007 graduating class of Gobelins, the distinguished french animation school.  It won the Oscar for Best Animated Short at the 2009 Academy Awards and after watching it you’ll understand why.

Learn more at the Oktapodi site.

[ Oktapodi ]