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“The rules are simple. Pick any song from Stones Throw’s catalog. Edit your own video using any footage you want, upload it to, and add it to our Vimeo group: You can do anything you like as long as it’s CREATIVE - shoot new footage, animation, found footage, or combination. Our deadline is July 1, 2011…more

We’re huge fans of Stones Throw and were beyond excited to find out that they’re throwing an open-to-all video contest to celebrate their 15th anniversary. The video above was submitted by Steven Smith for the J Dilla (RIP) joint, ‘Geekdown’ and we absolutely love it. Hopefully there’s lots more like it from other creative fans on the way.

A huge, massive thanks goes to one of our readers, Victoria, for the heads-up on this one – CHEERS!

[ J Dilla - Geekdown ]

The Art of Kris Kuksi

'Psychotropic Comparative Anatomy' by Kris Kuksi
'Psychotropic Comparative Anatomy' by Kris Kuksi'Auto Cephalic Supplicating Vehicle' by Kris Kuksi'Pronation of Christ' by Kris Kuksi'A Tribute to the Madness of Beethoven' by Kris Kuksi'The Throne of Lucifer' by Kris Kuksi'Caravan Assault Apparatus' by Kris Kuksi

“Kris spent his youth in rural seclusion and isolation along with a blue-collar, working mother, two significantly older brothers, and an absent father. Open country, sparse trees, and alcoholic stepfather, all paving the way for an individual saturated in imagination and introversion. His propensity for the unusual has been a constant since childhood, a lifelong fascination that lent itself to his macabre art later in life. The grotesque to him, as it seemed, was beautiful…more

Kris Kuksi is a super-talented painter/sculptor whose work is exhibited in galleries all over the world and collected by folks like Robin Williams and Guillermo del Toro. The six images I have collected here are but a small sampling so, if you dig what you see, be sure head over to Kris’ site to see loads more.

In honor of today, the twentieth of April, we’ll be posting some ‘best of The Tripatorium™’ over on our Facebook page. Your presence is officially requested.

[ Kris Kuksi ]

The Game

Nick Losi wrote in with some excellent news! Will Sweeney (you know, that guy) created another music video, this time for Das Pop. It’s positively delicious – enjoy!

Oh! I almost forgot! Nick also sent along a link (from the excellent image blog 50 Watts) to some story boards and sketches Will created during production so if you’re into process be sure to give it a look-see. Thanks, Nick!

[ Das Pop - The Game (official music video) ]

Not Enough

“Can we be loved? Can we be three? Can we be all these things you said to me?”

J. Mascis  – of Dinosaur Jr. fame – enlisted the help of one of his Sub Pop friends, Chad Van Gaalen, to supply the artwork (all hand drawn!) and direct this music video for his tune, ‘Not Enough’. It exudes good vibes so grab those headphones and soak in the psychedelic sunshine. Enjoy!

[ J Mascis - Not Enough (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ]

Why is love so hard to say?

Zach wrote in and proclaimed that this video was, and I quote, “the bee’s knees.” We’re not entomologists so we can’t confirm nor deny his assertion but what we can say is that this Phantasmic directed music video for Morning Teleportation‘s “Expanding Anyway” is a psychedelic, colorful and impishly bizarre journey through gobs of playful imagery. It’s good times all the way ‘round – enjoy!

P.S. If you’re interested in how Phantasmic put this whole affair together click here for some fascinating insight into their process.

[ Morning Teleportation - "Expanding Anyway" (Official Music Video) ]

A Journey Through Fantasy

This ‘journey through a rotated negative Mandelbox’ by Madman is a smooth and chilled-out ride through some nicely rendered fractals and buoyed by the mellow strains of Funkadelic. Short but sweet – this one’s a keeper. Enjoy!

[ A Journey Through Fantasy - Vorticity via StumbleUpon ]


Music video concepts we can get behind #4831: Astronauts buggin’ out in space due to some potent psychedelic hallucinations. Respect to Three Legged Legs for the creative and unique direction, Mark Kulakoff, Dylan Spears and Michael Tavarez for their tight execution on the design and animation and to N.A.S.A. for the hot tunes. Read/see/watch more about the project here.

[ N.A.S.A. "Gifted" (feat. Kanye West, Santogold, & Lykke Li) ]

Combination spawns

Cheers for this, Howard Quin – we at The Tripatorium™ fully support what you’re doing. Personal request: MOAR (and in HD too, please). Thanks!

[ Combination spawns ]

Fantastic Planet

Master Iller took some visuals from René Laloux and Roland Topor’s 1973 Cannes Film Festival special jury prize winning trip-fest, La Planète Sauvage and set it to Yes‘s epic 1971 psychedelic rambler Starship Tropper. It’s vintage good times, folks!

Thanks for sending it in, Master Iller!

[ Yes - Fantastic Planet ]


A regular reader of the site, alex, was kind enough to email us the contents of a personal bookmarks folder he curated named ‘trippy shit man’.  This video was included in those links and, let me assure you, he categorized it correctly.  My favorite part is definitely the skiing ostriches.

Originally broadcast on January 1st, 2011 between 4:00 and 4:30am (on the reliably awesome [ adult swim ]) Animals is a strange visual journey indeed.  Ten points if you spot the Cyriak.  You’ll also find Blockhead‘s excellent video for their tune ‘The Music Scene’ in there which was posted here in full HD back in October.  So definitely check that out if you haven’t watched it yet.

Thanks again, alex!

[ Off the air - Animals - Adult swim - Really weird ]


We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment,
We are choosing to be here right now. Hold on, stay inside
This holy reality, this holy experience.
Choosing to be here in this body.

I must admit that I haven’t listened much to Tool but I’m definitely digging this video for their tune Parabola.  It’s bizarre, trippy, psychedelic and rather mind-bending.  Plus it begins and ends in a very Alex Grey-esque manner which is always a plus in my book.

A big thanks goes to Julien Foster for sending it in!

[ Tool - Parabola (HD High Definition Music Video) ]

The Art of Pat Perry

'Vinton (Detail)' by Pat Perry
'Vinton (Detail)' by Pat Perry'Yo Man Hey Dude' by Pat Perry'Vinton' by Pat Perry'Out of Here' by Pat Perry'What We Were Part 2' by Pat Perry'Disturbance Kid' by Pat Perry

Pat Perry is my kind of illustrator/artist. His work is playful, trippy, strange and colorful with a generous dose of bizarre for good measure.  See more work on his website or blog.  If you’re interested in watching him work or are a fan of watching artist time-lapses you’ll definitely need to check this out, too.

[ Pat Perry ]

Trip out with Matei Apostolescu

'The Gift of Finance' by Matei Apostolescu
'The Gift of Finance' by Matei Apostolescu'Golem 13' by Matei Apostolescu'Interdimensional Currency' by Matei Apostolescu'Spring Landing' by Matei Apostolescu'Test Pilot' by Matei Apostolescu'The Pump' by Matei Apostolescu

Matei Apostolescu (a.k.a. 013A) is a psychedelic illustrator from Bucharest, Romania.  It’s easy to get wonderfully lost in the complex, whimsical, geometric and colorful images he creates.

Matei is also part of the art collective beaucoupzero. If you’re diggin’ his work as much as I am head over to beaucoupzero’s deviantArt page for tons of hi-res images. (I recommend starting in the ‘Psychadelic’ gallery.) Enjoy!

[ MATEI APOSTOLESCU - 013A via Abduzeedo ]

The Light of Life

There’s lots of stuff to say about this video – that it’s beautiful, enigmatic, warm, peaceful and ethereal (among many other hyperbolic adjectives) – but I just can’t get out of my mind what would be going through Mr. Claude Debussy’s mind when he saw what kind of visuals would be accompanying Claire de Lune in two-thousand and ten.

[ The Light of Life ]