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“No matter gain or grim, it’s those tiny little sparks,
In daily life that makes me forget my wounded heart.”

I can’t recommend Röyksopp enough; whether it’s their ‘choons or their videos, it’s always a treat. Enjoy the mellow, drift away on the chill.

If you’re diggin’ this one I recommend watching Eple next.

[ Röyksopp - Sparks ]


Brad Kremer shot these gorgeous time lapse sequences of Tokyo, Matsuyama, Imabari, Nagano, Gifu, and Ishizushisan during a 2009 summer trip to Japan. The first half is a buzzing, Röyksopp-backed, energetic romp through busy city streets while the second act mellows out (no doubt helped by the ambient strains of The Album Leaf), shifting the focus to the unique coastlines, rolling hills and foggy mountains of Japan’s iconic natural landscape. It’s just the right length too – almost eight full minutes – so grab your headphones, get the full-screen up ons and enjoy the scenery.

[ Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan ]

The Drug

Polish designer, Mateusz Witkowski (a.k.a. The Ejnsof) created this video for a contest organized by and Röyksopp for the latter’s latest album, Senior. Mateusz’s work was selected as one of the winners and was broadcast, in London, on a big screen during a special BUG event to coincide with Senior’s release. We dig it’s simple, retro approach, candy-rainbow colors and love how well the visuals compliment the minimal/techy/synthy/dubby/emotive groove of ‘The Drug’. Cheers, Mateusz! We’re looking forward to what you make in the future.

P.S. I bet the source material for the owl sequence at 2:30 came from this video right hurr.

[ 'The Drug' Röyksopp ]


One of my all-time favorite music videos from one of my all-time favorite electronic acts, Röyksopp. Both the imagery and music is warm and comforting – it’s a feel good journey all the way around. Enjoy!

[ Eple ]