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Quite Entrancing

Psst, watch this in HD plz!

I don’t often have the patience for slow-moving videos like this one, but once you make it past the 2-minute mark you’ll see why I posted it. It’s hard to figure out just who this “unc” character is, considering his Vimeo page  offers no info and a web search yielded even less. I guess for now, we are left with only his amazing videos to speak for him, and that’s more than enough for me. While this one is slow and meditative, others are frantic or even messy, but they are all in their own way incredibly enjoyable to watch.

[ quite - zeo-x-s ]

Put it in the pizza!

Hungry? Got the munchies? Want to visit the ninth circle of hell? You’re in luck!


[ Gimme Pizza Slow [High Quality] ]