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Hitchhiker’s Choice

Kristofer Ström, of Baltimore Clap fame, created this video on a whiteboard (no undo/redo!) for Swedish house-outfit Minilogue‘s 2006 Hitchhiker’s Choice EP.  It’s trippy, strange and a blast to watch…I just wish it was in HD.  Well done, Kris!

A big thanks to ‘that_fisher_kid’ for sending it in...CHEERS!

[ Minilogue/hitchhikers choice - short version (Longer on DVD) ]

Insert Coin

Holy crap, this is pretty awesome. NinjaMoped created this video by combining a black rug, a camera, a projector, lots of coins and gobs of patience.  Stay tuned til the end to how they were able put it all together. Marvelous job, chaps! Cheers!

[ Kreativ ~ Stop Motion - Dreamhack Winter 2010 via > boingboing ]

Therese Larsson’s Illustrations

Fearless Warrior by Therese Larsson
Fearless Warrior by Therese LarssonBolt Thief by Therese Larsson'I have it covered!' by Therese LarssonLittle Monster by Therese LarssonLion by Therese Larsson'You!' by Therese Larsson

Therese has a playful, innocent quality to her work that I love.  See more of her work on her CargoCollective page.

[ Illustration by Therese Larsson via CoolVibe ]