Yes please.

OK: headphones-on, lights-down, full-screen and volume way-the-fuck-up. Today’s heady dose of deep, dubby, synth-drenched, head-down tech-house goodness is generously provided by the always-right-on Simian Mobile Disco. It’s a tune from their upcoming album Unpatterns which, for me at least, will be an instant purchase when it’s released in a few weeks on April 15th. If you’d prefer a physical copy of your music – in spite of the fact that we’re firmly in the age of instantly-transmittable bits – you can pre-order it on vinyl or a CD right now via the Wichita Recordings website.

It’s not just the music that’s top-notch but the just-under seven minutes of tastefully restrained, simple, tight, geometric, sometimes-in-sync-and-sometimes-ambling visuals (as created by long-time Simian-collaborators Jack Featherstone and Will Samuel of London-based ISO), too.

We love shit like this, Jordan – thanks so much for sending it our way. Cheers!

[ Simian Mobile Disco - Cerulean ]