The Beatles

Advertisements, by their very nature, are usually pretty awful. The primary function of a commercial is not to entertain but rather to coerce; to compel the viewer to do something they otherwise might not want to. I went back and forth about whether or not to post this but decided in the end, hey, what the fuck, right? I mean, there’s a giant escalator that delivers the goddamn Beatles to a huge pair of eyes keeping watch over a fire-ringed rainbow waterfall that’s hovering above a towering blue marching elephant. This is exactly the type of stuff this site was created to showcase in the first place.

I like living in a society where goods are created and sold – I’m no idealistic separatist by any means – and if those products include marketing budgets for moving pictures I’d rather see that money go to production houses like Passion Pictures, especially if it means they have the resources to keep creating inventive and original stuff like this.

A big thanks goes to Arian for sending this one in. Cheers!

[ BEATLES Rock Band ]