The Lynx Nudibranch

“The lynx nudibranch only dines upon hydroids, and is especially fond of Myrionema amboinense. In the video we observe the lynx nudibranch on the hunt. With sight limited to only the detection of light and dark, the nudibranch relies on touch and ‘smell’ to detect its surroundings. By sweeping its two oral tentacles open wide as it moves, it maximizes its likelihood of coming into contact with a hydroid. When they touch, the nudibranch reacts abruptly from the hydroid’s sting. Once the hydroid has been detected, the nudibranch is challenged with the task of eating it…continue reading

A huge thanks to MORPHOLOGIC for this fascinating look into the delicate ecosystem that exists on the shell of an oyster.  Check out their Vimeo page for lots more HD underwater vignettes.

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