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Endless Climb

Endless Climb (found here:


[ Perfectly Looping .gifs ]

Mouse Man

found here:

It just keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going…

Moar trippy gifs.

[ I heard Imgur likes perfectly looping gifs ]

Future Girl


No idea who made this so if anyone knows hit us up and we’ll update the post so credit is given where it’s due. Found via Peter Berkman’s fantastic tumblr.


Voyager 1 Approaches Jupiter

'Voyager I approaches Jupiter'

“One frame of this image was taken each Jupiter day (approximately 10 hours) between January 6 and February 9, 1979, as the space probe [Voyager I] flew from 58 million to 31 million kilometers from Jupiter during that time. The small, round, dark spots appearing in some frames are the shadows cast by the moons passing between Jupiter and the Sun, while the small, white flashes around the planet, are the moons themselves.”

Inspired by the gorgeous shot of Jupiter’s ‘Great Red Spot’ tizmatti posted a couple of weeks back, I decided to read up on Jupiter’s unique atmosphere. Turns out it’s a pretty tumultuous place comprised of constantly shifting cloud layers and swirling, violent vortices (of which the ‘Great Red Spot’ is the largest). It’s truly fascinating stuff.

[ NASA: Jupiter via Wikipedia ]

Purple Kitchen Goddess

by Uno Moralez (

Back in January I posted an image I referred to as ‘Four Hands’ that I had found on fukung and asked if anyone knew who had created it. Carol-ann was cool enough to write in and inform us that it was by Uno Moralez, a super-talented pixel artist who specializes in the bizarre. While checking out his site, I found lots of great stuff (like the .gif I posted above) so we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on what he makes in the future. Thanks again, Carol-ann – CHEERS!

[ Kitchen ]

Diner Boss

'Diner Boss' by Paul Robertson

Some more Paul Robertson up ons.

[ Diner Boss by Paul Robertson ]

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up, Brah!


[ Ace Calhoun ]


Tunnel by Paul Robertson

By pixel-art super-talent, Paul Robertson.

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Whoa, man…

[ fukung: Shroomy ]

Hummingbird all up ons



Did you know that archilochus colubris – a.k.a. the ruby-throated hummingbird – beats it’s wings at up to seventy-five times a second? Crazytown. Read more on

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Sweet ‘brows, brah!

Sweet 'brows, brah!

[ Sweet 'brows, brah! ]

Afghan Girl

'Afghan Girl' by Steve McCurry

More about this iconic photograph idea where this .gif came from though.

[ Afghan Girl ]

Hand Iris

Hand Iris

[ Hand Iris ]

Cursor Cat

Cursor Cat

[ Hey, WTF is that? via fukung ]