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Mutual Core

“I shuffle around the tectonic plates in my chest.
You know I gave it all, try to match our continents;
To change seasonal shift, to form a mutual core.”

You guys remember SOLIPSIST, right? (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, drop what you’re doing and go watch it immediately.) It’s easily in the top five of my ‘Favorite Pieces of Internet’ list for 2012 so I was SUPER-PUMPED to discover (via Sam Lillard) that its creator, Andrew Huang, directed Björk‘s latest music video.

The two are a natural fit: His craft-material-as-biology approach pairs well with both her nature-as-allegory lyrical tendencies and always-out-there visual style so it’s no surprise that this collaboration thrums with a primal, living energy.

The bits are available in 1080p, too so don’t hesitate to load this thing on the biggest display available. ENJOY!

P.S. Our Bjӧrk feed is pretty rad.

[ OFFICIAL Bjӧrk - Mutual Core - Art + Music - MOCAtv ]


Colorful time lapse photography + Björk + Ratatat * Kaleidoscopic filtering = Some trippy business. Full-screen this bitch and bask in the vibes, friends.

Well done, RebootYourComputer, well done.

[ Kaleido-Lapse (Wanderlust -Björk (Ratatat Remix)) ]


“I am leaving this harbour, giving urban a farewell. It’s habitants seem too keen on God, I cannot stomach their rights and wrongs”

I had mentioned Wanderlust before but never got around to posting the actual video which is a fairly egregious oversight considering 1) it kicks serious ass and 2) we have featured loads of other cool-but-not-as-cool-as-this Björk stuff. One of our readers, Chris, wrote in and suggested it was time to make that shit happen and so here we are.

Oh! Now I remember why I didn’t post it! It’s ‘cause it hadn’t been uploaded in HD to the ‘Tubes yet! Ok, whatever; this is unimportant. What is important is who made it: Isaiah Saxon, Sean Hellfritsch and Daren Rabinovitch, a.k.a. Encyclopedia Pictura. They’re crazy talented dudes and have recently started to upload lots of great watchables to their Vimeo and YouTube pages, like this great process video on how they made Wanderlust.

NOTE: If you have one of those fancy 3D TVs/computers you can experience Wanderlust with an additional dimension. That’s 50% more dimensions than 2D! Enjoy!

[ Björk - Wanderlust (2D) ]


From the looks of it ‘Knowing’ is a pretty awful movie – I haven’t seen it mind you but, in my experience, the hive mind is fairly reliable about these sorts of things. Anyways, so I’m on the ‘tubes and come across this video – created by musicaeternal – that combines Björk’s ethereal ‘Batabib’ with some scenes from the flick and it all works together rather well. Alex Proyas sure knows how to make some tasty visuals.

[ Björk Batabid HD ]

All is Full of Love

This Chris Cunningham directed video for Björk‘s 1999 single, ‘All is Full of Love’ has, “won multiple awards, including two MTV Video Music Awards for Breakthrough Video and Best Special Effects. It was also nominated for a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video (it lost to Korn’s “Freak on a Leash”). It is on permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York…read more After giving it a watch you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

A big thanks goes to Aaron Smith for sending it in – cheers, sir!

[ Björk - All is Full of Love (HD 720P) ]


“Neurosis only attaches itself to fertile ground where it can flourish.
The thrill of fear – thought I’d never admit it – the thrill of fear: now greatly enjoyed with courage.”

It’s a Björk two-for Tuesday! This particular video was directed and animated by Dimitri Stankowicz (currently employed at Passion Pictures) as an entry into the official ‘Innocence’ video contest. Dimitri’s submission didn’t win – he was one of the ten runners up – but was lucky enough to be included on the official Voltaic DVD. We’re diggin’ it.

[ Bjork 'Innocence' ]


I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you…

Björk is known for her consistently great music videos and this dreamy ethereal journey for Hyperballad directed by Michel Gondry is no exception.  Enjoy!

[ Bjork - Hyperballad (HD Official Video) ]

Iceland sure is beautiful

Though Wanderlust is pretty awesome I think this is my favorite Bjork video.

[ Bjork - Joga (HD Official Video) ]