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The Egg Breaker

A potent dose of bizarre courtesy of Emanuel Strixner. Enjoy!

[ Die Eierbrecher ]

Le Taxidermiste

This bizarre, gorgeous short created at Supinfocom Arles by Paulin Cointot, Dorianne Fibleuil, Antoine Robert and Maud Sertour is packed to the gills with gobs of subtle, pleasing visual detail. Full-screen is a must. ENJOY!

P.S. Our Supinfocom feed is pretty rad, you should definitely check it out.

[ Le Taxidermiste ]

The Ancestor

“Go on: bury me,
under stone or under sea;
Silent picture, keep the fishes company.
There is little else for me now…
...but I will find my way,
out of the dark some day,
into a crimson, yellow sun.”

An emotional cocktail of gorgeous visuals (by Crazy Lake Pictures) and poignant tunes (from Darlingside); this one’s a winner, folks.

[ "The Ancestor" by Darlingside – Official Music ]


Gorgeous, haunting and dripping with atmosphere, this film by Thierno Bah, Noé Giuliani, Pierre Ledain and David Martins da Silva deserves your undivided attention. Stylistically it reminds me of both Fosters and Samurai Jack (high praise, for sure) but, in terms of thematic fare, this is a dish meant for adults, not kids.

The word ‘heavy’ comes to mind.

Don’t hesitate to dive in, bruh. Oh and grab your headphones, the sound design by Prince N’Gouda Ba is top-flight.

If you want to keep the contemplative train rolling I recommend checking out Between Bears next. Enjoy!

[ OBEN ]



Pay attention to the color in this one. Notice the differences in palette when it’s just the father or only the daughter; this is the arrow, pulled deftly from the quiver and notched silently to the string. The bow is drawn at 3:21 and, by the time it is loosed at 3:27, there’s no time to get out of the way. Just let it hit you. In my case, the aim was true.

Cheers to Eusong Lee, a student at Calarts, for the stellar job.

[ will (director's cut) ]

Song of Los

A robot is born, escapes, learns love and dies. This is the story of her memories.

Some fantastic work from Saman Keshavarz, a young director with a talent for teasing out surprisingly intricate narratives in the music videos he creates. You’ve probably seen the one he did for Cinnamon Chasers (it won best music video at SXSW 2010) and the attached is further proof of his instinctual understanding for the cinematic qualities inherent in good electronic music. Saman utilizes a style of quick, thoughtful cuts to establish the story while leveraging the emotional cues provided by the music (we loves us some Apparat) and some fantastic art direction to further draw you in.

We’re diggin’ it. Enjoy!

[ Apparat - Song of Los (Director's Cut) ]

Do I have power?

“In a movement of a thousand helping hands,
I am not beyond the saccharine of sycophantic rants.
In a moment of a wilderness exposed,
Is this lack of wisdom better than a charismatic soul?”

Lovin’ this ominous, spooky and monochromatic music video for Timber Timbre as directed by Carlos De Carvalho with animation from Pierric Danjou, Thomas Lecourt and Charles Lemor. Happy Halloween, y’all!

[ Do I Have Power - Timber timbre (2011) ]


“You want to be eaten by this beast?!”
“What is so wrong with that? I would flow through his veins; I would become a part of something bigger!”
“He is our enemy! He is dangerous! Can’t you understand that?!”

Descendants was written/directed/designed/modeled by Heiko van der Scherm and animated by Goro Fujita and Felix Graf over the course of three years (working full-time, six days a week). All that work shows, too; it’s a treat to watch. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in process then be sure to check out this fairly exhaustive write-up on how the film came together, complete with test renders and concept sketches.

[ Descendants ]


“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.”Isaac Asimov

‘Fallen’ was conceived/directed/animated by Wolfram Kampffmeyer and Sascha Geddert. David Christiansen and Sebastian Nozon pitched in their talents as well, handling the music/sound and compositing duties respectively.

[ Fallen ]

The Saga of Biôrn

Biôrn, an old Viking, is determined to reach Valhalla, the warrior’s afterlife full of excessive drinking and debauchery. To gain entry he has to die honorably in battle, but he discovers that the right death isn’t so easy.

A fantastic short film with top-notch art direction, animation and sound design. The ending is great, too. We have Benjamin J. Kousholt, Daniel D. Christensen, Mads Lundgaard Christensen, Jesper A. Jensen, Jonas K. Doctor, Steffen Lyhne, Pernille Ørum-Nielsen, Frederik Bjerre-Poulsen and Jonas Georgakakis to thank for putting this together. Well done!

[ The Saga of Biôrn ]