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Bye Bye Macadam

It appears Dimitri Stankowicz has been hard at work honing his solid-color-fill vector animation style since we first posted his entry into Björk’s Innocence video contest two years ago.  The visuals in the attached sync up beautifully (both in timing and spirit) with Rone‘s deep, synth-driven, spaced-out sound. The net-effect is pure, distilled atmosphere so get it loaded in 1080p and strap your headphones on.

This one’s a treat and we owe Brandon Michael Azzarella a big thanks for sharing it with us on Facebook. Cheers, Brandon!

P.S. If you find that your taste in music tends to line-up with my mine then don’t hesitate to pick up the full-length album ‘Bye Bye Macadam’ is from, Tohu Bohu. It’s packed to the brim with the type of soaring, emotive electronica that’s pitch-perfect for late-night drives and contemplative lazy afternoon seshes.

[ Rone - Bye Bye Macadam (Official Video) ]


“Neurosis only attaches itself to fertile ground where it can flourish.
The thrill of fear – thought I’d never admit it – the thrill of fear: now greatly enjoyed with courage.”

It’s a Björk two-for Tuesday! This particular video was directed and animated by Dimitri Stankowicz (currently employed at Passion Pictures) as an entry into the official ‘Innocence’ video contest. Dimitri’s submission didn’t win – he was one of the ten runners up – but was lucky enough to be included on the official Voltaic DVD. We’re diggin’ it.

[ Bjork 'Innocence' ]