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Love this surfing video by filmmaker Iker Elorrieta. Elorrieta filmed at night off the Canary Islands of Spain, then edited (adding stars and moon, effects) to create a beautiful short piece. I hope he tries his hand at a longer feature soon.

[ Nightsurf via BuzzBrewery ]


Khoda is a short film created as a student project by director Reza Dolatabadi . The film utilizes over 6,000 individual paintings shown in succession. When I first read that I knew it was an absolute must that I watch it. I suppose it is a psychological thriller, but I’m not sure. I was too busy gawking over the painstaking visuals of the film to really focus on the story. As the description says, if you pause it, you are facing a painting. It’s only 4 minutes long, but it certainly packs a punch. Turn down the lights and watch this one closely. I think you’ll be impressed.

[ Khoda ]