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Don’t Give Up

“I was still surprised,
When I caught your eye after all this time.
And it took me back to the times we had.
Even though that we’re far apart,
We’ve come so close and it feels so right;
Don’t give up…”

Kate Moross‘s laid-back, nature-in-oversaturated-technicolor supercut and Washed Out‘s airy, mellow sound make for a potent twosome of chill. Sub Pop forever.

A big thanks is due to William Doran for sending this one our way. Cheers!

[ Washed Out - Don't Give Up [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] ]

After the Rain

Here we have an animated short from Gobelins students Charles-André Lefebvre, Manuel Tanon-Tchi, Louis Tardivier, Sébastien Vovau and Emmanuelle Walker that’s colorful, original, and just plain fun. Emmanuelle, in particular, has some great videos on her Vimeo page and, if you’re a Paris-lover like myself, then this particular one should do the trick. Here’s hoping for more, and in HD please!

[ Après la Pluie ]

Nightlife in Tulamben

Alex of Global Dive Media shot this gorgeous underwater footage at Tulamben in north eastern Bali. The backing music by Tom La Meche adds a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere to the proceedings so why not dim the lights and relax for a while?

[ Nightlife in Tulamben ]

Life As A Fish

So while the federal buildings blow, below, fish glow
How lovely that must be
You should-a listened to Jacques Costeau, don’t say, you know
Stop sending your trash to sea…

From No-one Ever Really Dies’ new album ‘Nothing’.  The music video for ‘Life As A Fish’ was shot and directed by Doug Spangenberg.  Let’s all agree to stop being crappy to the environment, ok?

[ N.E.R.D. - Life As A Fish via Devour ]