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Tacky, Sticky & Glutinous

“Lost between his dreams and his frustrations, a man is the witness of his own insanity.”

David Maingault‘s graduation film from his time at EMCA is a gorgeously rendered whacked-out fever dream that bubbles over with bizarre, unsettling intrigue. ENJOY!

[ Tacky, Sticky & Glutinous ]


“In states of delusion, my father has danced on the rings of Saturn, spoken with angels, and fled from his demons. He has lived both a fantastical and haunting life, but one that’s invisible to the most of us. In our differing understanding of reality, we blindly mandate his medication, assimilate him to our marginalizing culture, and entirely misinterpret him for all he is worth. CALDERA aims to not only venerate my father, but all brilliant minds forged in the haunted depths of psychosis.”

The attached runs over ten minutes in length, easily double (if not triple) most animated shorts I post here. As you probably gathered from the quote above, it tackles to pretty heavy subject matter and the extra time is used to full effect; CALDERA naturally blooms empathy as it steadily draws you in. It’s won a slew of awards and rightly so, each exquistely rendered moment – as directed/animated by Evan Viera and co-produced by bit films and Flicker Dreams Productions – is overflowing with visual touches that demand an immediate rewatch. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous stuff…ENJOY!

[ Caldera (2012) ]

Start from the Beginning

Berlin-based sculptor/animator A.N. Fischer created this video to examine ‘the relationship between [a] simulated image and its physical manifestation’.  The result is lots of geometric, trippy, techy, haunting visuals that are constantly evolving.  Good stuff.

Here’s some images of the sculpture in question.  Music by Egyptrixx.

[ Egyptrixx - Start from the Beginning ]

Between Bears

Between Bears is Eran Hilleli‘s graduation film from his time at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. It’s stylish, haunting, contemplative and won the Animation Prize at Vimeo’s first film festival in New York City this past October. Here’s to a long, productive career, Eran…keep up the great work!

[ Between Bears ]