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Andy Gilmore

“There was a period in my life where I only drew with a pencil and being able to erase paralyzed me. I could draw a hand and it would take me three days, you know, and it would be a 1/4” by 1/4”; just a tiny little thing. And then one day I just started drawing with pen and all of a sudden I could just draw endlessly. In fact, there was no undo and it kind of changed all of that. And then the computer oddly, the undo is what gives me the freedom to just explore any idea that comes to my mind and essentially I just follow any impulse or any idea because I can explore fairly freely.”

Andy Gilmore‘s work is squarely up my alley and it’s wonderful to hear, in his own words, what inspires him to create. The always-excellent Ghostly International (who tapped Isabel Freeman
, Will Calcutt and Brian Fichtner to create the attached) has some of Andy’s prints for sale in addition to some excellent hi-res, free-to-download wallpapers ready to adorn your glowing screen of choice.


[ Ghostly International presents Andy Gilmore ]


'Fried Egg' (2010) by Aryz (
'Fried Egg' (2010) by Aryz ('Ballad (Detail)' (2012) by Aryz ('State of Mind' (2010) by Aryz ('Love Letter' (2011) by Aryz ('Concrete Walls Project (for Herokid)' by Aryz ('Struggle' (2012) by Aryz (

“I don’t really know what [my work] should be called, some people call it graffiti and some [call it] street art. I don’t really care. I started painting graffiti, and then I started doing characters and big walls…I don’t know. I think [my paintings] are just interventions in outdoor spaces…more

“A message, for me, is something secondary. If I have to say something, it’s worth representing it and doing it big but sometimes my art is simply about the pleasure of painting and nothing more, or the simple fact of joining colours together. The shape [of a wall] is an excuse to put colours in one place or another. I don’t give much importance to the message…more

Barcelona-based Aryz is young (23 at the time of this post), talented (see attached images) and – judging from those two quotes above – far more concerned with creating aesthetically beautiful work than fussing over which labels to attach to it. See loads more on both his website and Flickr feed or click here if you’d like to watch him paint in HD.


[ Aryz ]

Kuba Krzeminski

Man. Today was just shitty. In these kinds of moments my instinct is just to tune out for a bit and watching this video of Kuba Krzemiński helped me do just that. It’s hypnotic watching any talented artist work in time lapse but the attached is especially great due to some tight editing, tracking shots and mellow music selection.


P.S. Both our time lapse and hypnotic feeds are worth a visit.

[ Tattoo Time Lapse by Kuba Krzemiński ]

Kyonghwan Kim

'Stran' by Kyonghwan Kim (
'Stran' by Kyonghwan Kim ('Siflo' by Kyonghwan Kim ('Tor' by Kyonghwan Kim ('Liz' by Kyonghwan Kim ('DD' by Kyonghwan Kim ('Sicaf' by Kyonghwan Kim (

Kyonghwan Kim is a concept artist based in Korea with a portfolio that reminds me of both Yoshitaka Amano‘s muted, richly textured figurative illustrations and Miyazaki’s signature bright, cartoonish style. The six I’ve selected here are but an aperitif; check out Kim’s website for loads more. Enjoy!


Selections from the Universal Monsters Show at Mondo Gallery

'The Trip' by Drew Millward (
'The Trip' by Drew Millward ('The Mummy' by Rick Baker ('Frankenstein' by Graham Erwin ('Wolfball' by James Groman ('Mutant from Metaluna' by Scarecrowoven ('The Bride of Frankenstein (Detail)' by Jason Edmiston (

Mondo Gallery in Austin opened it’s doors on October 19th for their Universal Monsters gallery show and (thankfully) Scott Wampler from Collider was there to snap lots of fantastic hi-res photos of the gorgeous artwork on display. The six attached to this post are but a small sampling of the 90+ taken at the event so, if you’re interested in seeing more, just click this hyperlink.

Happy Halloweeeeen! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!

[ Limited Paper: Mondo Unleashes the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS at the Mondo Gallery; Check Over 90 Images from the Event! ]

Ryohei Hase

'Tayutau' by Ryohei Hase (
'Tayutau' by Ryohei Hase ('THE ANATOMY OF HACKING (an illustration for the November 2011 issue of Playboy magazine)' by Ryohei Hase ('Repetition (2011)' by Ryohei Hase ('Untitled (2011)' by Ryohei Hase ('Drown in the empty dried-up room (2008)' by Ryohei Hase ('Blood (2008)' by Ryohei Hase (

Ryohei Hase is a freelance illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan who cut his teeth as a concept artist at NAMCO Bandai. To see more of his work, visit

[ via Axis Animation ]

Hide & Seek

“My approach to illustration is about paring things down as much as possible.
I try and get to the essence of my subject by using as few lines and colours
as it needs to convey the core of the idea.”

Malika Favre, who wrote the above, has a distinctly minimal and dignified hard-edged style that’s reminiscent (to me at least) of Paul Rand‘s iconic logos, René Gruau’s figures and those muted-future illustrations you might see hanging faded in a dated hair salon’s street-facing window. That last bit of the preceding sentence might seem insulting but honestly, it wasn’t my intention.

Picasso famously said that ‘good artists copy; great artists steal’ which, like most hyperbolic statements, makes sense on the surface but doesn’t hold up to honest, measured scrutiny. Insecure assholes steal; a great artist internalizes the images that inexplicably resonate, leveraging them as a catalyst for iterative exploration until something entirely their own arises from the grind. And, though Ms. Favre’s work might remind me of something else – it is, make no mistake, wholly unique.

Strangely enough, the attached wasn’t made by her but was commissioned by Kemistry Gallery to advertise her upcoming exhibition, Hide and Seek. Maki Yoshikura did the animation while Luke Carpenter and Natural Self handled the compositing and music, respectively.

Credits aside, I like to see such tight, precise illustrations move and Maki did a stellar job bringing Malika’s work to life without compromising it’s rigid spirit. Oh, and the transition from one vignette to the next in stark black-and-white makes the eyes a bit dizzy (in a good way) so get this loaded full screen for sure. Enjoy!

[ Hide&Seek - Malika Favre ]

Bear Warrior

I like watching people draw, especially in time lapse. All great illustrators have a dance to their process; a flitting to-and-fro across the surface of their chosen medium, alternating between quick, broad constructive strokes and OCD-driven micro-adjustments of detail. My favorite parts in the above video are when Denman revisits something he’s already ‘completed’ – pay attention to his repeat attempts at the protagonist’s weapons and troll/orc tattoos in particular. He’s not only experimenting with different stylistic approaches but evolving the proportions as well, refining and adjusting until both feel ‘right’.

If you enjoyed the attached as much as I did then be sure to head over to Denman’s website to see more of his work or his Vimeo page which has lots more in-process videos. Enjoy!

P.S. ‘Bear Warrior’ was selected to be in this year’s Spectrum (#19, pre-order here). Whoa! Congrats, Mr. Rooke!

[ Bear Warrior by Denman Rooke ]

The Bizarre World of Paul Robertson

'vanillgirls' by Paul Robertson (
'vanillgirls' by Paul Robertson ('Universe Party' by Paul Robertson ('Airbrushed (Single) Cover' for Anamanaguchi by Paul Robertson ('head cunt dick beam (+cats)' by Paul Robertson (`Custer's Revenge` by Paul Robertson (`oh my god eater` by Paul Robertson (

I’ve found it’s always worth-my-while to periodically check in on Paul Robertson. My latest visit to his tumblr yielded a heady crop of candy-colored, bizarre and dark pixel art that I’ve collected here for you to peruse at your leisure. I was also pleased to discover he recently contributed some art/animations to Wizorb, a Breakout-meets-Zelda game by Tribute that’s available on Windows, Linux, OSX and the 360. After parting with the very-reasonable three-dollar asking price I spent a handful of hours combating evil in Gorudo and am happy to report it was worth every penny. In addition to Paul’s always-excellent pixel art, Wizorb‘s wonderful, nostalgia-activating soundtrack and just-right difficulty progression keeps a firm-but-friendly grip on your attention. So yeah, pick that shit up if you’re looking for something to fun to play; you can’t beat the price.

[ Paul Robertson ]

The Sun

“Here it comes: the unavoidable sun of what’s just happened,
And what’s been done, and you know I don’t remember a thing;
I don’t remember a thing.

Let’s just get this out of the way now: NSFW Warning! Boobs ahoy! i.e. You probably shouldn’t watch this at your place of employment.

Joel Kefali and Campbell Hooper of Special Problems leveraged the mounting intensity of this tune by The Naked And Famous to create visuals that would mirror its steady, urgent crescendo. It’s crisply shot, abstract, colorful and expertly edited; a treat for the eyes and ears. Enjoy!

A big thanks is due to Mimi Langlois for passing it along. Cheers!

P.S. One of my favorite music videos of all time (of all time!) –  MmmHmm by Flying Lotus – was also directed by Joel and Campbell. If you haven’t seen it yet, do so immediately.

[ The Naked And Famous - The Sun ]

Pirate’s Life

“As simple as it looks. The whole video is hand drawn frame by frame - markers on paper.”

Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski are a directing duo from Poland who we’ve featured on the site before. They’re back with another labor intensive video, this time trading in flashlights and yarn for paper and markers. The hand-drawn execution goes beyond mere novelty (though it’s certainly a nice touch) by providing an aesthetic that reinforces we cut corners’ simple lyrics and aching earnestness. It’s as if the whole thing were drawn in a notebook on a long, contemplative and rainy bus ride home from school.

Kijek and Adamski are dedicated to their craft (just take a look at how many markers they went through) so do yourself a favor and head on over to their blog or Vimeo page to see more of their work. Oh, and a big ‘thank you’ is due to Hamilton for sending it our way. Cheers!

[ We Cut Corners "Pirate's Life" ]

Parallel Universe

© Uno Moralez

I stumbled on this image last week and immediately assumed it was by Uno Moralez. I headed over to his site/Tumblr/LJ to see if he had recently uploaded new work but I couldn’t find this particular image anywhere. I hit up the Googs’ next and still couldn’t track down a proper URL. So for now, I’m just gonna assume Uno made it and direct your attention to his website. If anyone knows definitively where/who this came from drop us a line and we’ll update the post ASAP (see below). I had to do a bit of cropping to fit within the constraints of the site so click here for the full business.

Moar Uno Moralez on The Tripatorium™.

UPDATE 2011/10/09: A big thanks to Charlotte who sent us the link to this image’s original home on Uno’s LJ.

[ supernature! ]

We Got Time

“You say, ‘We are we going?’
I guess there’s just no way of knowing.
But we got time, yeah, we got time.”

The brilliant minds at David Wilson Creative – the talented folks behind Let Go which, if you haven’t seen it already, needs to be instantly promoted to the tippity-top of your ‘Shit I Need To Watch’ queue – are responsible for the visuals in this music video for Moray McLaren. All the animation was created in camera by filming the mirror reflection of individually crafted phenakistoscopic discs mounted on a spinning turntable. The only ‘trickery’ happens in the simple wipes that transition from the footage of one disc to the next in order to keep the narrative flow.

We dig it and so did the judges at the UK Music Video Awards who named it ‘Best Budget Video – Rock, Indie, Alternative’ for 2009. Enjoy!

[ Moray McLaren - We Got Time ]

The Art of Jeremy Fish

From 'Tour Artwork (2010)' by Jeremy Fish (
From 'Tour Artwork (2010)' by Jeremy Fish ( 'Weathering the Storm (2009)' by Jeremy Fish ( 'Tour Artwork (2010)' by Jeremy Fish ( 'Tour Artwork (2010)' From 'Tour Artwork (2010)' by Jeremy Fish ( 'Weathering the Storm (2009)' by Jeremy Fish ( 'Tour Artwork (2010)' by Jeremy Fish (

Rodney Montenegro wrote in with a hot tip to check out, the online home of super-talent Jeremy Fish. This is just an ultra-small sampling of Jeremy’s vast portfolio – a mere appetizer – so click here when you’re ready to dive into the main course. So then, what would this link be? An apéritif? Dessert? Just another course? Perhaps it would be best to get straight to the point and put it plainly: it’s a high definition, Jay-Z backed time lapse video of Jeremy painting. So yeah, watch that. It’s awesome.

Thanks, Rodney!

[ Silly Pink Bunnies | The Artwork of Jeremy Fish ]

John Kenn’s “Post-It” Art

John Kenn is an animator for children’s television shows in Denmark, but in his spare time he likes to draw these monster scenes on yellow stationary notes. They are very reminiscent of Edward Gorey, as I’m sure a lot of people will notice. It’s impressive that this is what this guy just does for fun. Check out his full gallery for more awesomeness.

[ Don Kenn Gallery via BuzzFeed ]

Digital w/ Dan Luvisi

Digital artist Dan Luvisi combines many of my favorite things in his artwork: robots, comic books, dinosaurs, sharks, jets shaped like sharks…I could go on and on. His coloring and shading is top notch, and his original characters stand out in a very unique way. it appears Dan is currently working on his own graphic novel titled “Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter”. Right now he’s mainly working on developing characters, but I am VERY excited to see where this thing goes.

[ adonihs on deviantART ]

Blast Off

Great Science Fiction By Scientists

After some quick sleuthing with Google Goggles I discovered that the origin of this fantastic illustration was as the cover of ‘Great Science Fiction by Scientists’.

[ fukung: Blast Off ]

The Pixel Art of Jude Buffum

'Care Bear Carnage' by Jude Buffum
'Care Bear Carnage' by Jude Buffum'And on the seventh day, R.O.B. rested.' by Jude Buffum'TPS Reports' by Jude Buffum'You Wanna Play Pirate?' by Jude Buffum'The Dude Abides' by Jude Buffum'President Kong' by Jude Buffum

Jude Buffum paints pop-culture subjects with an 8-bit aesthetic, often times as if they existed in the 80s and had a video game tie-in. My personal favorite is his infinitely-awesome Big Lebowski series which you can order t-shirts of here.  Lots more on his website, blog and Flickr.

[ Jude Buffum ]

Four Hands

'Four Hands' by Uno Moralez

I found this on fukung and have no idea who did this pixel-by-pixel masterpiece. If you do, drop us a line and we’ll update the post with a proper credit link.

UPDATE 3/2/2011: Carol-ann wrote in and informed us that this image was created by Uno Moralez. Check out his site for loads more pixel-y, trippy goodness.

[ Four Hands by Uno Moralez via fukung ]

Go Away Clown

'Go Away Clown' by Jason Seiler

Johnny Depp’s bad trip comes to us courtesy of Jason Seiler. Cheers to GeigerCounter for sending it in!

[ Go Away Clown ]