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Compressed 02

What we have is an interesting short film by Kim Pimmel that demonstrates how ferrofluid reacts when presented with the structure of soap bubbles. If you like stuff like this, then be sure to check out part 1 of the series as well.

This video was brought to my attention by the wonderful Creators Project. It would be worth your time to check out their site and see what they are offering up.

[ Compressed 02 via The Creators Project ]

Thanks, World’s Coolest Dad

“I built this for my youngest son and it runs around his bedroom.  I love building fun things like this for my kids and seeing their excitement as everything comes together.”

These kids are super-lucky that they have a dad committed to building stuff that blows their little minds.  He was even cool enough to document the entire design/construction process in case you wanted to build one yourself.

[ Perimeter Marble Run RBS via Gizmodo ]

Flabby Physics

Flabby Physics

Quick, simple and fun.  All you need is a working spacebar.

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See you later, bubble

A bubble popping.

What incredible timing!

[ Bubble Pop ]