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Etam Cru: Betz & Sainer

'Bastard' by Sainer (
'Bastard' by Sainer ('Bang' by Etam Cru ('Removal' by Etam Cru ('Fishing With The Death' by Betz ('Mind Trip' by Etam Cru ('The Journey' by Etam Cru (

Betz & Sainer are two Polish artists (from Łódź and Turek, respectively) who collaborate under the ETAM Cru moniker and are just as comfortable creating screen prints and canvases as they are painting huge-ass murals. The attached images are just a small sampling of their work so, if you want to see more, hit up their individual blogs (Betz / Sainer) or the official ETAM site. Enjoy!

P.S. If you like what you see here, be sure to check out Aryz’s work, too.

[ ETAM Cru ]

The Dalescapes of Time.

This short film by Patryk Kizny is a beautiful, unforgettable time lapse of the Dale of Jelenia Gora in Poland. It’s gorgeous stuff.

That’s not to imply that you had ever ‘forgot Poland’ in the first place, of course.

[ The Dalescapes of Time. A short film by Patryk Kizny ]