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“To have it all, to have it all, to have it all, and still want more;
One thing’s for sure, one thing’s for sure, one thing’s for sure, we’re all getting older.
So we take a lover, so we take a lover, so we take a lover, waitin’ in the corner,
And before you know it, before you know it, before you know we’re pushing up the daisies.”

David Wilson Creative is teeming with talent. Their music videos are consistently top-notch and this one, a trippy, bisected journey through the wormhole of life – from birth to death and then back again – for The Maccabees, is no exception.

They also uploaded a super-rad making-of video that’s full of fascinating tidbits – like how it was shot entirely in one day (!!!) – as well as insight into their tools, process and inspiration. This quote, from David himself, shows how intentionally he approached each detail of the execution, “What was really important in terms of the edit…was essentially the percussive nature of the track. There’s lots of really nice accents and I really wanted to accentuate that…so we spent a lot of time finessing and working on the objects pulling apart to really make an impact on both the guitar parts and the drums throughout”.

Click here to see more David Wilson Creative work that we’ve posted to the site (Our favorite? Zero hesitation: Let Go) or here to check out their Vimeo account, a treasure trove or rad watchables. Their in-progress Advent series is especially nice. Enjoy!

[ The Maccabees - Pelican via Gizmodo ]

The Sun

“Here it comes: the unavoidable sun of what’s just happened,
And what’s been done, and you know I don’t remember a thing;
I don’t remember a thing.

Let’s just get this out of the way now: NSFW Warning! Boobs ahoy! i.e. You probably shouldn’t watch this at your place of employment.

Joel Kefali and Campbell Hooper of Special Problems leveraged the mounting intensity of this tune by The Naked And Famous to create visuals that would mirror its steady, urgent crescendo. It’s crisply shot, abstract, colorful and expertly edited; a treat for the eyes and ears. Enjoy!

A big thanks is due to Mimi Langlois for passing it along. Cheers!

P.S. One of my favorite music videos of all time (of all time!) –  MmmHmm by Flying Lotus – was also directed by Joel and Campbell. If you haven’t seen it yet, do so immediately.

[ The Naked And Famous - The Sun ]


Jérémie Périn, best known for his brilliant work on 16-bit sexcapade Truckers Delight, is back with a new music video for DyE‘s latest release on Tigersushi. It’s a potent, high-definition dose of the bizarre and a perfect apéritif to calibrate your palette for All Hallows’ Eve. I’m not going to divulge any details for where this ends up (it’d be a crime to spoil the surprise) but I should mention that it’s a bit NSFW so wait to click play until you’re off-the-clock. Enjoy!

A big thanks is due to Choplogik for sending this one our way. Cheers!

[ DYE "Fantasy" Official Video by JEREMIE PERIN ]

The Vogelkop Bowerbird

“The bower is a cone-shaped hut-like structure some 100 cm high and 160 cm in diameter, with an entrance usually propped up by two column-like sticks. A front “lawn” of some square meters area is cleaned of debris and laid out with moss. On this, and in the entrance of the bower, decorations such as colourful flowers or fruit, shining beetle elytra, dead leaves and other conspicuous objects are collected and artistically arranged. Males go to great lengths to ensure that their displays are in prime condition, replacing old items as needed, as well as trying to outdo their neighbours by finding more spectacular decorations, and arranging them appropriately…more on wikipedia

Nature can, at times, be terrible and unforgiving but it is also the source of such intriguing, complex and beautiful mysteries like the Vogelkop bowerbird. As I was watching the attached video, lulled into peaceful contentedness by the reassuring narration of Sir David Attenborough, I kept thinking to myself, “how, little bird, did you come to be?”

This particular clip is from the BBC produced series ‘Life’ which I highly recommend watching in it’s entirety. See/watch/learn more about the Vogelkop bowerbird on the BBC’s Nature website and on wikipedia.

[ Life - The Vogelkop Bowerbird: Nature's Great Seducer - BBC One ]

Café allongé

An overactive imagination and a raging sex drive can lead to some bizarre and inventive visions. Kudos to french director Maxime Paccalet and the talented folks at Kawanimation for putting this together. Cheers!

[ Café allongé ]

Truckers Delight

First off, this video is definitely NSFW so if you’re checking this out at your 9-5 you might wanna save it for later. That being said, this pixel-crafted wonder of a music video by Jérémie Périn for Flairs is a nostalgic revisit to the days when 16-bit electronic diversions reigned supreme.  If you’ve got an iOS device and want to take control of the lewd trucker himself then click here to get in on the fun.


Sexy Orchids All Up Ons

Those orchids are sexy, tricksy little minxes, I tell you.

Did you know that vanilla comes from orchids?  Or that orchids are virtually immortal?  It’s true (providing you take good care of them, of course).  There are individual plants that are still alive today that were first brought to England in the 1800s. Whoa.

The above video is from the excellent BBC produced series ‘The Private Life of Plants’ hosted by none other than Sir David Attenborough.

[ Sexual Tricks of Orchid Plants ]