A Bridge Too Far

“As part of the M1 motorway upgrade scheme the Highways Agency (Yorkshire and Humber) closed the A1, North Yorkshire between Junction 60 (near Darlington) and Junction 49 (Dishforth). Saturday 9 April - Sunday 10 April 2011”

Time lapse has a way of distorting reality that can sometimes provide new perspectives beyond the obvious ‘this is what things would look like if everything moved faster.’ For one, I never noticed how construction equipment looks a lot like insects. Another: human beings have come a long way. If it was possible to significantly increase the time lapse interval (from seconds to centuries) we could witness first hand the insane reality that we’ve gone from nomadic hunter-gatherers to bridge-builders(/destroyers) to iPhone designers in just a handful of millennia. Whoa.

James Miller (the chap who created this) made the right call for the soundtrack; Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà‘s I. Relaxed Groove is anything but, tumbling along with a frentic, exacting precision that’s a fitting compliment to what’s happening in frame.

A big thanks to Ian Bertolacci who suggested we check it out. Cheers!

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