“In a quest for happiness, a giant creator cannot break away from its redundant abstractions. What could possibly be waiting in the exterior world, where light and opportunity thrives?”

Dave Hughes – the man at the center of the fantastic [adult swim] show, Off The Airwrote in to say hello and suggest we check out this short film created by PepperMelon. It’s a potent dose of bizarre presented in gorgeous, colorful, high-definition so do yourself a favor let this one load full-screen before clicking play. Oh and grab your headphones while you wait for the bits travel through the tubes, the sound design by David Kamp is especially nice.

BONUS: Mr. Hughes also let us know that the latest episode of Off The Air, Dance, is available for your viewing pleasure. It’s just as rad and strange as the other two so make quick with the clicky-clicky. The Tripatorium™ loves you Dave, keep up the fantastic work!

[ "fIRST" - a short story by PepperMelon ]