The External World

Ann wrote in with a hyperlink to this 57 second long animation that David OReilly (remember ??????) made for Tim & Eric’s Saint’s Row promotional short film, “Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax” accompanied by a single sentence, “you could definitely file this under lolwat. Her categorization was dead on and we initialized our patent-pending Post To The Internet™ sequence as we figured it’d be something most of you would enjoy. One of the steps involved in the aforementioned ritual is checking if the artist in question – in this case David – has anything better that should be posted instead. He does!

The masthead of his website reads: ANIMATION, 3D, INTERNET, EPHEMERAL DRIVEL, FLEETING DISTRACTION, NONSENSE, CATS ETC and, according to that rubric, The External World delivers. It’s seventeen minutes of seemingly-disparate-at-first-but-eventually-interconnected infinitely bizarre vignettes. It’s awesome.

I should mention that an HD quicktime of this film is available for download if you’re willing to part with about $5. The purchase has no real value and is essentially ceremonial as The External World is freely available on both Vimeo and the ‘Tubes but, I decided to buy it anyways. Why? Well, for one, supporting art just feels good man. I also want to affirm this type of behavior and do what I can to fund whatever David will create next. Maybe you’ll consider doing it, too? In the meantime: enjoy the weirdness.

[ The External World ]