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Machu Picchu Post

Clement Crocq, Margaux Duran-Rival and Nicolas Novali – three former students of Supinfocom Arles – cooked up this little gem as their final graduation project. Do yourself a favor: ensure 1080p is selected and wait patiently until a generous amount of bits load into your random access memory before clicking play; it’d be a shame to get interrupted once shit starts trippin’ balls. I’ll leave it to that…don’t want to spoil the surprise. Enjoy!

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[ Machu Picchu Post ]

Hummingbird all up ons



Did you know that archilochus colubris – a.k.a. the ruby-throated hummingbird – beats it’s wings at up to seventy-five times a second? Crazytown. Read more on

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Jeb looks pretty chill for someone who appears to continually be inches away from death.  Absolutely exhilarating.

[ Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo ]