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Improvisation 2

“The music is a voice improvisation recorded using mostly the laptop mic, and then near the end a couple supporting harmonies were recorded with a proper mic and used as contrasting sound. The video portion was shot along the West Side Highway in NYC, I suppose around the upper 50s or so. There was a lot of construction going on and I thought it looked pretty fascinating.”

Today’s meditative aid comes courtesy of NYC-based multi-media artist/singer, Fredo Viola. See more on his Vimeo page, or if you’d prefer to get all interactive and make your own, then check out

[ Improvisation 2 ]

Sahara Wonderland

zoomion had the fantastic idea to shoot some gorgeous hd footage of the Sahara desert and then set it to the tribal sounds of SaReGaMa. Nice.

If you’re interested in any location/technical details there’s lots to read on the video’s Vimeo page and if you want to watch ‘Sahara Wonderland’ on your fancy big screen TV then you’re in luck because zoomion was kind enough to host free, high quality downloads in both 720p and 1080p. Cheers, guys – thanks!

[ Sahara Wonderland ]