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Jazz that nobody asked for

“Neurologists claim that stuck songs are like thoughts we’re trying to suppress. The harder we try not to think about them, the more we can’t help it. The phenomenon is also known as earworms, and the ongoing ‘dim di da da dum’ causes a kind of brain itch you can’t scratch.”

File under: LOLWAT

A gorgeous, colorful, tightly-executed morsel of weird by Esben Fisker, Rune Fisker and Pawel Binczycki of Benny Box. Enjoy!

[ Jazz that nobody asked for ]

Some Slow Magic

Been a while since my last post here, so I wanted it to be a good one. While on Vimeo, I searched for ‘gorgeous’ and this is the first video that popped up. Not what I was looking for, but by all means a worthwhile diversion. It’s a video for the track ‘Corvette Cassette” by the band Slow Magic. Video done pretty much completely by Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost. Hold on tight when the kaleidoscopic action kicks off about halfway through. Enjoy!

[ Slow Magic // Corvette Cassette ]


This animated short from Clement Picon, Amael Isnard and Manuel Javelle is infectious, high-energy and contains heaping doses of bizarre. Resistance is futile. Just let go.

[ Musicothérapie ]

The Birdman of Lisbon, Portugal

Homeboy can jam...and impersonate birds.  I’d love to meet Claudio, I bet he’s a fount of wisdom.

[ BIRDMAN IN LISBON, PORTUGAL - Claudio Montuori ]