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Northern Lights Post #3

While I’m aware that respondcreate already posted some great content relating to our most impressive of natural phenomenons, I thought I would go ahead and throw this video up on the site because, well, it’s a video, it’s in HD, and it’s stunning. Terje Sorgjerd captured one of the largest Aurora Borealis events in years as it occurred over national parks bordering Russia (so think remote, wild, and very very cold). He has some other great HD videos up, so check them all out, especially the one detailing the beauty of Norway and it’s landscape.

[ The Aurora via Buzzfeed ]

The Northern Lights of Norway

by Ole C. Salomonsen (
by Ole C. Salomonsen ( Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen ( Ole C. Salomonsen ( Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen ( Ole C. Salomonsen ( Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen (

These images are from two very talented Norwegian photographers: Ole C. Salomonsen and Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen.  If you’d like to see (lots) more be sure to check out their respective aurora-specific galleries here and here.  If you want to see the northern lights in motion be sure to check out this video.

I’ve got to make a point to visit Norway to see these in person at some point before I die.

[ November 2010 Northern Lights Gallery ]

Aurora Borealis Timelapse

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  Tor Even Mathisen took some great time lapse sequences of the Aurora Borealis show in Tromsø, Norway and then stitched them together into a video and backed it with the ethereal music of Per Wollen and Silje Beate Nilssen.  Dim the lights for this one.

[ Aurora Borealis timelapse HD - Tromsø 2010 via APOD ]

Tex takes a nap

'Dreaming' by Peter Przybille

Peter Przybille‘s Alaskan husky, Tex, takes a snooze within the gorgeous landscape of northern Norway.

[ Dreaming ]