Turns out watercolor paintings look even better when they’re in motion.

This video was directed/hand-painted by Irina Dakeva of WIZZ.  It’s comprised of around 2000 watercolor paintings drafted one after another.  Hey music-industry! Keeping hiring her to make stuff like this, please!  The music by Breakbot is pretty rad, too.

[ Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) - HD via BuzzFeed > The Culturist ]

When life gives you lemons…

A creative solution to an energy shortage…if only it was this easy for us oil/gas guzzlers.

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The wonderfully weird Cyriak

Cyriak's Animation Mix - Watch the top videos of the week here

He should start making hi-definition animations.

[ Cyriak's Animation Mix ]

Le Royaume

A king enlists the help of a beaver to build a forest castle.  Also, Bruce Willis is dead the whole time.  Whoops, spoiler alert!

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Flying Lotus: Kill Your Co-Workers

Take a blippy, wire-framey, polygonal, beautiful (and slightly horrifying) stroll through pattern and grid world in this animation by Beeple.  Music by Flying Lotus.

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