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Getaway Tonight

This song by OPOSSOM – with its big swells of lush, layered chords and surgical syncopated stabs of percussive rhythm – hooked me right from the jump. I kept turning it up to the point where Ms. Tripatorium looked over with concern from across the room because she could hear it blaring out of my earbuds with a tinny intensity. I just smiled and said, ‘It’s a really good tune.’

It is. You’ll see.

Anyways, the psychedelic visuals are a bit scattered and bizarre but that’s always been just fine with me. They’re by Special Problems (Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali) and the attached fits in nicely with the other two out-there music videos we’ve posted by them, The Sun and MmmHmm.

Load it in full-screen HD, get your headphones out and enjoy. Oh and a big thanks to Bryan for sending this one our way. Cheers!

[ OPOSSOM - Getaway Tonight ]

The Sun

“Here it comes: the unavoidable sun of what’s just happened,
And what’s been done, and you know I don’t remember a thing;
I don’t remember a thing.

Let’s just get this out of the way now: NSFW Warning! Boobs ahoy! i.e. You probably shouldn’t watch this at your place of employment.

Joel Kefali and Campbell Hooper of Special Problems leveraged the mounting intensity of this tune by The Naked And Famous to create visuals that would mirror its steady, urgent crescendo. It’s crisply shot, abstract, colorful and expertly edited; a treat for the eyes and ears. Enjoy!

A big thanks is due to Mimi Langlois for passing it along. Cheers!

P.S. One of my favorite music videos of all time (of all time!) –  MmmHmm by Flying Lotus – was also directed by Joel and Campbell. If you haven’t seen it yet, do so immediately.

[ The Naked And Famous - The Sun ]


“It’s plain to see for you and me: love!
It cannot hide; just be who you are…”

More dopeness from reliable dopeness repository, Flying Lotus. Thundercat is up ons as well who, in addition to starring in the video, lent his skills on bass and vocals to the track. Visuals come courtesy of top-notch directing duo Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali, a.k.a. Special Problems.

Also, I’ve been noticing lots of Ents dropping by. Hello, friends – make yourselves at home!

[ Flying Lotus - MmmHmm ]