Vectorfunk with Matt W. Moore

'Sacred Vectorfunk' by Matt W. Moore
'Sacred Vectorfunk' by Matt W. Moore'Crystals and Lasers' by Matt W. Moore'Bicycle' by Matt W. Moore'Sacred Vectorfunk 2' by Matt W. Moore'Three Posters' by Matt W. Moore'Cosmos' by Matt W. Moore

I love the energy Matt creates by combining hard-lined geometry, vibrant colors and intricate patterns.  Click through to his website to see loads more. Oh, and if you’re in the market for some wallpaper you might want to check this out, too.

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Trip out with Matei Apostolescu

'The Gift of Finance' by Matei Apostolescu
'The Gift of Finance' by Matei Apostolescu'Golem 13' by Matei Apostolescu'Interdimensional Currency' by Matei Apostolescu'Spring Landing' by Matei Apostolescu'Test Pilot' by Matei Apostolescu'The Pump' by Matei Apostolescu

Matei Apostolescu (a.k.a. 013A) is a psychedelic illustrator from Bucharest, Romania.  It’s easy to get wonderfully lost in the complex, whimsical, geometric and colorful images he creates.

Matei is also part of the art collective beaucoupzero. If you’re diggin’ his work as much as I am head over to beaucoupzero’s deviantArt page for tons of hi-res images. (I recommend starting in the ‘Psychadelic’ gallery.) Enjoy!

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Sweet ‘brows, brah!

Sweet 'brows, brah!

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Afghan Girl

'Afghan Girl' by Steve McCurry

More about this iconic photograph idea where this .gif came from though.

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Underwater Art

Step one: Create life-like sculptures of human beings. Step two: submerge those sculptures in ocean water. Step three: watch nature do it’s work.

All in a day’s work for Jason de Caires Taylor

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Hand Iris

Hand Iris

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The crew over at Berkley Illustration deserve some props for the wonderful and absurd artwork they feature in their Etsy shop. This handsome fellow above is accompanied by this quote:

“After cataract surgery ten years ago, this cheetah realized that an eye patch can be a real conversation starter with the ladies. His eye has long since healed but his social calendar remains quite full”

Love the quirkiness or these guys, and if I had to pick a favorite it would be this one. Check out their shop or read up on their blog for more info.

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Tex takes a nap

'Dreaming' by Peter Przybille

Peter Przybille‘s Alaskan husky, Tex, takes a snooze within the gorgeous landscape of northern Norway.

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The Creative Works of Cory Godbey

'Flight 6 (Walters)' by Cory Godbey
'Flight 6 (Walters)' by Cory Godbey'Daga and the Trolls' by Cory Godbey'The Firebird' by Cory Godbey'Untitled' by Cory Godbey'The Nine Peahens' by Cory Godbey'The Troll' by Cory Godbey

Cory is an illustrator, animator and writer for Portland Studios.  See more of his work at his website.

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The Paintings of Jeremy Geddes

'The Red Cosmonaut' by Jeremy Geddes
'The Red Cosmonaut' by Jeremy Geddes'The Café' by Jeremy Geddes'The White Cosmonaut' by Jeremy Geddes'Doomed #3' by Jeremy Geddes'A Tribute to the Protestant Work Ethic' by Jeremy Geddes'Heat Death' by Jeremy Geddes

To me, the unifying quality of Jeremy Geddes’ work (besides his excellent draftsmanship and tight control over oils) is that each image he creates is so quiet.  His paintings exude a stillness that is vaguely unsettling (nearly frightening, really) but strangely peaceful as well.

Frou-frou art BS aside, they are an absolute treat to look at.  If you’d like to see more, check out Jeremy’s website.

I’ll be unable to post much this weekend so if you’ve got some stuff that you think would be great for The Tripatorium™ don’t hesitate to send it over so I can do a big update once I’m back to my usual routine of habitually staring at LCD screens.

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