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Here’s another delectable morsel of hand drawn animation from this year’s bountiful Gobelins harvest. It’s by four, third-year students – Todd DeJong, Tom Law, Wandrille Maunoury, Etienne Metois and Jonathan Vermersch – and does a fantastic job illustrating a distinct flavor of anxiety we’ve probably all experienced.

P.S. If you’re into ‘making of’s then you’re in luck: Wandrille, Tom and Todd each uploaded a behind-the-scenes peek of their individual contributions to Distance. Enjoy!

[ Distance ]


This short by Gobelins students Théo Guignard, Nöé Lecombre and Hugo Moreno reminds me of three distinct ‘flavors’: Stanley Kubrick‘s trademark sterile, ominous atmospheric direction, Bruce Timm‘s tight, economical illustrative style and Vangelis’ thick, synth-heavy ambient soundtracks. It strikes a just-right balance between hand-drawn 2D animation’s warmth and character and the immersion-heightening ability of subtly-executed 3D. It’s very nice; don’t hesitate to dive in.

If you’re diggin’ this one, I suggest you watch Countdown next.

P.S. Hugo posted a behind-the-scenes look at how ECLIPSE came together; if you’re into process it’s can’t miss.

P.P.S. Our Gobelins feed is filled to the brim with fantastic short films that are all worthy of your attention. Enjoy!

[ ECLIPSE via mcbess ]

The Lighthouse Keeper

Another fantastic, oozing-with-style animated short from the talented students at Gobelins. This particular gem – by David François, Rony Hotin, Jérémie Moreau, Baptiste Rogron, Gaëlle Thierry and Maïlys Vallade with music from Romain Gauthier – about a lighthouse keeper who is unexpectedly awoken in the middle of the night was created in 2009 and won the ‘Best Graduation Film’ in 2010 at Annecy. Watch and see why. Enjoy!

[ Le phare ]


“The authorities have always feared the animal buried deep down within us so they kept everyone from getting wind of this truth. People, who like me had found a ways to awaken these buried instincts, were driven away…”

Six third-year students – De François Barreau, Marion Delannoy, Claire Fauvel, Rachid Guendouze, Vincent Nghiem and Benoit Tranchet – at the esteemed French film school Gobelins created this fantastic animated short that reminds me (in all the best ways) of Mr. Hayao Miyazaki’s work. I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.

[ Fur ]

Oh gee Oh why

”...or how to mastermind a nonsensical parade following a cock-a-hoop bestiary into the doors of infinity.”

Five second-year students at French school-of-awesome, Gobelins – Hanne Galvez, Yoann Hervo, Juliette Laurent, Stephanie Mercier and Pierre Zenzuis – put together this fantastic, trippy, bizarre and wonderful animated short that was exhibited as one of the many opening films that kicked off this year’s Annecy, the legendary international animation film festival. If this is what they’re making now during their second year, imagine what their graduation films will be like. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re into process, be sure to check out this great Röyksopp-backed ‘making of’ video that Juliette put together.

[ Oh gee Oh why ]

Todor & Petru

Five students from French school of animation (and awesome), Gobelins – Remi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, NIcolas Pegon and Jérémy Pires – created this stop-motion/2D animated trip-fest of a music video during their internship at WIZZ (you know, that super-rad production house that makes stuff like this).  It’s deliciously strange and surprisingly bizarre which, coincidentally, is just how I likes ‘em. Oh, and the backing tune is ‘Judgement Day’ by UK grime hip-hop outfit, The Thunderclaps. Enjoy!


Trois petits points

De Lucrèce Andreae, Alice Dieudonne, Tracy Nowocien, Florian Parrot, Ornélie Prioul and Rémy Schaepman – third year students at french school-of-awesome, Gobelins – are responsible for this poignant allegory about post-WWI Germany.

If you’re interested in process as much as product (like I am), you’ll probably dig these ‘making of’ videos from Rémy and Tracy, too.

[ Trois petits points ]

After the Rain

Here we have an animated short from Gobelins students Charles-André Lefebvre, Manuel Tanon-Tchi, Louis Tardivier, Sébastien Vovau and Emmanuelle Walker that’s colorful, original, and just plain fun. Emmanuelle, in particular, has some great videos on her Vimeo page and, if you’re a Paris-lover like myself, then this particular one should do the trick. Here’s hoping for more, and in HD please!

[ Après la Pluie ]

Un tour de manège

Another stunner from french school of awesome, Gobélins. This tale about growing up, love and loss of innocence was lovingly crafted, completely without dialogue in a beautiful watercolor aesthetic, by De Nicolas Athane, Brice Chevillard, Alexis Liddell, Françoise Losito and Mai Nguyen with sound design by Vincent Hazard and music from Pablo Pico. It’s gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS stuff – CHEERS!

[ Un tour de manège ]

Gobelins - Annecy 2009

I know I’ve been on a Gobelins kick recently but, with content like this available, I’m sure you don’t mind.

These four films – Monstera Deliciosa, Le Lac Gelé, Fenrir and Dodudindon – were shown at the start of each session of Annecy 2009 and created by students finishing their second year at Gobelins.  It’s crazy to think they can create films of this caliber already so I’m looking forward to what they’ll produce during the remainder of their time at school and in the years that follow.

[ Gobelins - Annecy 2009 ]


Will someone take this animated short and turn it into a feature-length movie, please?  The ‘transition’ moment at 0:31 should be enough to sell anyone.

Chaman was created by Théo Boubounelle, Chloé Bury, Jean Baptiste Cumont, Claire Fauvel and Vincent Nghiem, students from – no surprise here – french ‘School-of-Awesome’, Gobelins, to promote the 2010 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

Taking a trip out to experience Annecy is definitely something I’d like to do at least once before I die.

[ Chaman ]


A classic created by the 2007 graduating class of Gobelins, the distinguished french animation school.  It won the Oscar for Best Animated Short at the 2009 Academy Awards and after watching it you’ll understand why.

Learn more at the Oktapodi site.

[ Oktapodi ]

Soapy Trip

That looks like fun.

[ Soapy Trip ]

Le Royaume

A king enlists the help of a beaver to build a forest castle.  Also, Bruce Willis is dead the whole time.  Whoops, spoiler alert!

[ Le Royaume via StumbleUpon ]