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Adventures of a Glass Blower

I don’t think it’s presumptuous to conclude that, if you’re a fan of this site, you probably also appreciate good glass. I don’t know if you’d classify this as trippy in fact, I wouldn’t call it that at all – nevertheless I think it still has a home on the site. It’s a great watch; especially if you’ve got a piece of glassware nearby that you’re particularly fond of.

By the way, the craftsman you’re watching is an Aussie named Llewelyn Ash. Follow this hyperlink to see more of his work. Benjamin Dowie of Beanpole Productions is responsible for putting this film together and chose Featherstone by The Paper Kites as it’s soundtrack.

It’s a fantastic look into a talented individual’s unique, creative process. Enjoy.

[ Llewelyn Ash {Adventures of a Glass Blower} ]

Parallel Universe

© Uno Moralez

I stumbled on this image last week and immediately assumed it was by Uno Moralez. I headed over to his site/Tumblr/LJ to see if he had recently uploaded new work but I couldn’t find this particular image anywhere. I hit up the Googs’ next and still couldn’t track down a proper URL. So for now, I’m just gonna assume Uno made it and direct your attention to his website. If anyone knows definitively where/who this came from drop us a line and we’ll update the post ASAP (see below). I had to do a bit of cropping to fit within the constraints of the site so click here for the full business.

Moar Uno Moralez on The Tripatorium™.

UPDATE 2011/10/09: A big thanks to Charlotte who sent us the link to this image’s original home on Uno’s LJ.

[ supernature! ]

Mars1 and Doze Green

“Where I usually look for inspiration is the macro and micro; the place where words end and the grey area begins and things start becoming more difficult to explain…”

Up-and-coming photographer/filmmaker Colin M Day put together this film of a collaboration between two ultra-talented artists Mars1 and Doze Green who are equally comfortable with spray cans and exterior walls as they are with blank canvases and brushes. I’m not sure what I like more: seeing the finished piece or hearing their explanations of it’s meaning. Metatron forever…

[ MARS1 & DOZE GREEN via Benedek Media > DJ Broadcast ]

The Art of Jeremy Fish

From 'Tour Artwork (2010)' by Jeremy Fish (
From 'Tour Artwork (2010)' by Jeremy Fish ( 'Weathering the Storm (2009)' by Jeremy Fish ( 'Tour Artwork (2010)' by Jeremy Fish ( 'Tour Artwork (2010)' From 'Tour Artwork (2010)' by Jeremy Fish ( 'Weathering the Storm (2009)' by Jeremy Fish ( 'Tour Artwork (2010)' by Jeremy Fish (

Rodney Montenegro wrote in with a hot tip to check out, the online home of super-talent Jeremy Fish. This is just an ultra-small sampling of Jeremy’s vast portfolio – a mere appetizer – so click here when you’re ready to dive into the main course. So then, what would this link be? An apéritif? Dessert? Just another course? Perhaps it would be best to get straight to the point and put it plainly: it’s a high definition, Jay-Z backed time lapse video of Jeremy painting. So yeah, watch that. It’s awesome.

Thanks, Rodney!

[ Silly Pink Bunnies | The Artwork of Jeremy Fish ]


“The idea was to make a visual representation of how art communicates with the viewers emotions, and it was very inspiring to animate other artists work.”

Sven Larsen passed along this minute-and-a-half short film by Lasse Gjertsen – Mr. Hyperactive himself – that takes you on a tour of Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall in Arendal, Norway. The visuals are subtle, sufficiently trippy and go especially well with the mellow backing tunes, also by Lasse. Enjoy!

Thanks for the heads up, Sven!

[ Artificial - A Short Trip Through Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall ]

Aqueous by Mark Mawson

from 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawson
from 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawson

Arian wrote in and tipped us off to these wonderful alien liquid-scapes by Mark Mawson. We selected our personal favorites to feature here but there’s loads more to see on both the Aqueous and Aqueous II project pages.

Thanks, Arian!

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[ Aqueous II - The Sequel ]

Haroshi on Deck

“Haroshi makes his art pieces recycling old used skateboards. His creations are born through styles such as wooden mosaic, dots, and pixels; where each element, either cut out in different shapes or kept in their original form, are connected in different styles, and shaven into the form of the final art piece.” - from Haroshi’s official site. His stuff is unique, colorful, and of course, trippy. Enjoy!

[ Haroshi: Artworks ]

John Kenn’s “Post-It” Art

John Kenn is an animator for children’s television shows in Denmark, but in his spare time he likes to draw these monster scenes on yellow stationary notes. They are very reminiscent of Edward Gorey, as I’m sure a lot of people will notice. It’s impressive that this is what this guy just does for fun. Check out his full gallery for more awesomeness.

[ Don Kenn Gallery via BuzzFeed ]


“Destino is unique in that its production originally began in 1945, 58 years before its eventual completion. The project was a collaboration between American animator Walt Disney and Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, and features music written by Mexican songwriter Armando Dominguez and performed by Dora Luz…more

During production of Fantasia 2000 Walt Disney’s nephew, Roy, found some storyboards and a scant 17 seconds of animation that were created by Disney and Dali and decided to resurrect the long dormant project. If you’re interested, head on over to Destino’s wikipedia entry to read lots more.

A big thanks goes to kiefer printy for passing this gem along…cheers!

[ Salvador Dali - Destino. Walt Disney (2003) HD1080 ]

The Art of Kris Kuksi

'Psychotropic Comparative Anatomy' by Kris Kuksi
'Psychotropic Comparative Anatomy' by Kris Kuksi'Auto Cephalic Supplicating Vehicle' by Kris Kuksi'Pronation of Christ' by Kris Kuksi'A Tribute to the Madness of Beethoven' by Kris Kuksi'The Throne of Lucifer' by Kris Kuksi'Caravan Assault Apparatus' by Kris Kuksi

“Kris spent his youth in rural seclusion and isolation along with a blue-collar, working mother, two significantly older brothers, and an absent father. Open country, sparse trees, and alcoholic stepfather, all paving the way for an individual saturated in imagination and introversion. His propensity for the unusual has been a constant since childhood, a lifelong fascination that lent itself to his macabre art later in life. The grotesque to him, as it seemed, was beautiful…more

Kris Kuksi is a super-talented painter/sculptor whose work is exhibited in galleries all over the world and collected by folks like Robin Williams and Guillermo del Toro. The six images I have collected here are but a small sampling so, if you dig what you see, be sure head over to Kris’ site to see loads more.

In honor of today, the twentieth of April, we’ll be posting some ‘best of The Tripatorium™’ over on our Facebook page. Your presence is officially requested.

[ Kris Kuksi ]


“Time to light the fires; build ideas inside our homes. From up upon the rooftops we’ll see the people stirring. Time to understand your place in trees and buildings, well the time to dream is almost over, over…”

One of prize stallions in Ghost Robot‘s stable of talent, Ben Dickinson, directed this video for NewVillager, a bi-coastal art collective that creates rad stuff in lots of different mediums. This music video is a prime example of what they’re up: it combines unique costume design (all household items!), dance, performance, music and film-making into a big ball of creative expression. Their album should be out any day now and, from what I’ve been reading, it seems like their live shows are not to be missed. In other words, they’re fascinating folks we’ll be keeping our eye on.

A big thanks goes to Britlee for sending this video in – CHEERS!

[ NewVillager - LightHouse ]

Ink + Water: Alberto Seveso

by Alberto Seveso (
by Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso (

Italian artist/designer/illustrator/photographer, Alberto Seveso, dropped colored ink into water and then photographed it at high-speed. Brilliant. He was kind enough to create a series of hi-res wallpapers using the same technique. Also brilliant. See more of Alberto’s work on his website.

[ Disastro Ecologico (wallpaper serie) via Unstage ]

1923 (Heaven)

“1923 aka Heaven is one of two animation loops directed by Max Hattler, inspired by the work of French outsider artist Augustin Lesage. 1923 is based on Lesage’s painting ‘A symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World’ from 1923.”

If we ever get time travel sorted out it’d be wonderful to go back to the 1920s and show Mr. Lesage what kind of art we’re making in the 21st century. I’d imagine he properly flip out.

Max also created a companion piece – 1925 aka Hell – that you might be interested in seeing as well. Oh, and before I forget…PROTIP: After you click play, right-click (or control+click if you are using a single-button mouse on a Mac) inside the video and select ‘Turn Loop ON’ for an infinite journey. Enjoy!

[ 1923 aka Heaven (by Max Hattler) ]

Improvisation 2

“The music is a voice improvisation recorded using mostly the laptop mic, and then near the end a couple supporting harmonies were recorded with a proper mic and used as contrasting sound. The video portion was shot along the West Side Highway in NYC, I suppose around the upper 50s or so. There was a lot of construction going on and I thought it looked pretty fascinating.”

Today’s meditative aid comes courtesy of NYC-based multi-media artist/singer, Fredo Viola. See more on his Vimeo page, or if you’d prefer to get all interactive and make your own, then check out

[ Improvisation 2 ]

World of Clouds by David Kaplan

'Orion and the Sea of Fog' by David Kaplan
'Orion and the Sea of Fog' by David Kaplan'Acherlipass at witching hour' by David Kaplan'Daybreak Part 1' by David Kaplan'Daybreak Part 3' by David Kaplan'Sea of Fog at Acherlipass' by David Kaplan'World Between Clouds' by David Kaplan

David Kaplan takes gorgeous photographs of the Swiss landscape – my favorites are the time lapses of clouds he takes at night. See lots more on his Flickr stream or website.

[ dmkdmkdmk's photostream on Flickr via Gizmodo ]

The Pixel Art of Jude Buffum

'Care Bear Carnage' by Jude Buffum
'Care Bear Carnage' by Jude Buffum'And on the seventh day, R.O.B. rested.' by Jude Buffum'TPS Reports' by Jude Buffum'You Wanna Play Pirate?' by Jude Buffum'The Dude Abides' by Jude Buffum'President Kong' by Jude Buffum

Jude Buffum paints pop-culture subjects with an 8-bit aesthetic, often times as if they existed in the 80s and had a video game tie-in. My personal favorite is his infinitely-awesome Big Lebowski series which you can order t-shirts of here.  Lots more on his website, blog and Flickr.

[ Jude Buffum ]

Four Hands

'Four Hands' by Uno Moralez

I found this on fukung and have no idea who did this pixel-by-pixel masterpiece. If you do, drop us a line and we’ll update the post with a proper credit link.

UPDATE 3/2/2011: Carol-ann wrote in and informed us that this image was created by Uno Moralez. Check out his site for loads more pixel-y, trippy goodness.

[ Four Hands by Uno Moralez via fukung ]

Strange Arrangements

WeAreSeventeen put this animation together as, “a series of moving sculptures that take inspiration from the great surrealists like dali…These objects are mechanical but at the same time organic in their movements. They are a collection of textures, objects and movements that create images that we wanted to see…more  I’m diggin’ it.

[ Strange Arrangements ]

Go Away Clown

'Go Away Clown' by Jason Seiler

Johnny Depp’s bad trip comes to us courtesy of Jason Seiler. Cheers to GeigerCounter for sending it in!

[ Go Away Clown ]

Mar plz

Love the style of Andrew Mar’s artwork. It’s jagged, surreal, rooted in fantasy, but very precise and drawn with clear purpose. Well done, sir.

[ Marak24 DeviantArt ]